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I found this very inspirational ... [...]

Robertsbridge, East Sussex
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I found this very inspirational ...…

hanks for sharing
Sunday 4 October 2015, 15:36:09
Sunday 4 October 2015, 16:58:20
Rick, Volunteer of America
Imagine. The Magi. In his (her it's) image and likeness. I'd like to thank this sweet heart of a man who created a better place for us all. 'specially for people like Esther mentioned in his video, for re mind ing us of the ready assistance the universe or multiverse has to bestow on us when we expect it to. I like to remind myself that "the universe unfolds as it likes/should around me when I keep out of his or her or it's (you know who I'm referring to) way.
Sunday 4 October 2015, 17:06:19
Thank you Rick, that's the truth! We are the universe, for how can we be anything other, but we perpetuate the illusion of separate identity through the mind, ego and ignorance. How to step out of the way is the question. Letting go completely to BE THAT, what we already are, happens spontaneously I think; when enough conscious awareness of what the universe is has been absorbed into the mind state - the mind will finally give up and fall away. Something other than my mind is looking forward to that! Just got to prevent the mind from pretending it owns it...
Saturday 10 October 2015, 11:43:13
Rick, Volunteer of America
Iron heart, I'm not too sure people ought to dispense with mind; but I'm in agreement that our egos are likely to be warped and kinked and deformed. And ignore-ance? Man, that stuff is deadly dangerous! One must proceed cautiously. Like ol' Rene' DesCartes. From a place you're certain about. Towards stuff you want or need to know about. "I think. Therefore, I am.". You wrote "... your mind is looking forward to..." And you "don't want your mind to pretend"... or mistakenly believe any lies or fabrications. When your ego gets tamed a little by you/your mind, it shouldn't be too difficult to allow your mind to see who you really are
Sunday 11 October 2015, 00:41:23
Rick, Volunteer of America
A child of the universe; no less than the trees and the stars. You gotta RIGHT to be here!
Sunday 11 October 2015, 00:43:33
I think you're right. Have a right to be here? - we ARE here and all there is! We ARE the manifest universe and can be nothing else, but imagining ourselves to be separate individuals. The mind can be a useful tool and our friend if the ego is tamed, or entirely dispensed with! Operating from our true position, that of universal
awareness/consciousness, the mind can be seen as a useful and practical tool. But while the ego rules, identification with mind's projections creates ignorance and delusion. Hey, it's all about waking up, and I think most of us are now on a fast track to this! Something very powerful is shifting energetically, and we're all part of it. Joy! Full love to you my friend.
Sunday 11 October 2015, 11:56:32
My pleasure Robi. John's you tube channel is worth checking out - he's on the ground doing some truely amazing things for people and animals.…
Sunday 11 October 2015, 12:13:56
I have checked his chann
el out already, he is worth listning to you are right.
Sunday 11 October 2015, 12:16:55
Yes, some really interesting thoughts, and actions. Inspiring! I hope all is well and you're managing to meet up with others around you.
Sunday 11 October 2015, 12:30:38
Thanks, not much luck meeting with the people closest to me but Im well, im positive, and I beleive we can shange things for the better. all the best to you my brother!
Sunday 11 October 2015, 12:49:00
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