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I have been thinking about the relation of Math to [...]

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I have been thinking about the relation of Math to Programming, and how I would have learned Math a lot faster and retained the knowledge better if it were approached from a Programming perspective.

There are two approaches to computational annotation: describe everything in one line, or describe a sequence of atomic operations. The latter gives clear and lasting insight into what an equation is doing, letting you "see under the hood". The former just "gets things done" while traumatizing the left brain and short-term memory with a deep stack of simultaneous & interdependent operations.

Wherever a math problem needs to have its work shown, a script could be written instead (Python, Lua, etc.) Declare the constants, the functions with their inputs & outputs, then execute them in a pipeline on the problem's parameters. The students could even build their own math libraries which become a "living document" to reference and use as needed.

I feel this would also build a sense of equity in the coursework, as you're not just memorizing constants, tables & operators, but actually taking part in the discovery process of how all concepts within the course relate to each other.
Unfortunately school is for stifling the mind, not for encouraging thinking.
Monday 5 October 2015, 11:31:35
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