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Hey tribe, I'm not waiting to find others who are ready [...]

Toronto, Ontario
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Hey tribe,
I'm not waiting to find others who are ready and prepared to expose this system for what it is. I am beginning with my workplace insurance scam. I have coverage for a service that I have been rejected and I intend to file criminal charges against this corporation for fraud, malfeasance of office and breach of fiduciary trust. I expect this will escalate up the food chain as I will not allow anyone to harm me including anyone standing in the way of natural justice. This is the start of my process to divest from all corporate control while exposing the harm it is doing. Secondly, I was unlawfully stopped by terrorists in blue who had no authority to detain me. I will be directly targeting the policy makers and asking them to show cause why they are breaking the law.
max igan
Brilliant post Jason, Thanks for sharing and please keep us posted on your actions.
Monday 5 October 2015, 23:11:35
I filed a suit against the STATE for contract fraud a year and a half ago and it got swept under the rug. I've had better luck counterclaiming against their charges against me. You can file criminal offenses (civil court) as the STATE has empowered itself only to prosecute in criminal court. Be aware that in civil court the judge can place you in jail for contempt for an indefinite period of time. Fortunately with a pure heart you'll come through unscathed, and may even shake things up a little. Let me know when/if you get a court date, I'll try to make it to stand witness with you!
Tuesday 6 October 2015, 11:35:41
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