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A short on shortage There is no scarcity only unfair [...]

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A short on shortage
There is no scarcity only unfair distribution of resources. The rich countries consume a disproportional amount of resources compared to poorer nations. The super-rich in the rich countries consume even more resources, but the biggest waste of resources going on in the world by far is the nonsensical concept of Them and Us. The idea of having different countries, different groups so we continue to be divided. And who is keeping us divided? Our leaders! All of them! They all need the division of humanity to continue because otherwise they would be out of a job and powerless. If we (and i mean almost everyone on this planet) blindly keep following people whose only skill is to tell others what to do and to keep us scared of other groups then i fear for all of us and our planet. If we, the great majority of gentle people, do not act against these bullies, we will always be enslaved to their games. We will always live in fear until they will find a way to get rid of most of us.

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Peace and curiosity
Fortunately most of us don't want to be got rid of, so I think were safe enough on that front. I agree about Government- their job is to manage our shared resources for the benefit of all, which has somehow been turned upside down to Government managing US. Kind of like your accountant deciding not only do they own your money but they have the right to direct your life as well. We'd fire that accountant would we?
Sunday 11 October 2015, 08:31:11
absolutely !
Sunday 11 October 2015, 11:22:58
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