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Have been watching for quite some time now and finally [...]

Bellevue, Washington
via Prepare For Change
Have been watching for quite some time now and finally today am compelled to connect at this site. Seeking my Star Family so that I might blend in Service my lifetime experience and wisdom to co-create for good in the Universe. My intention is to contribute to this Positive timeline, somehow, someway all yet to be determined. Having decided to don my dancing slippers, I need some dance partners. I should like to discuss what needs to be and how together we might help with combined energies.
noe joe
Yeah star families! I want to meet mine too. From which star did you originate?
Friday 16 October 2015, 20:05:54
Hi Adagio! Glad you are here.
Wednesday 21 October 2015, 00:31:12
I really don't know but I'd love to find out. How about you? Tell me your thoughts about upcoming Event.
Thursday 22 October 2015, 04:11:02
i think a heavy weight/thick veil will be lifted for many, especially those of us who are able to hold the intention and to hold it consciously with one another.
Thursday 22 October 2015, 05:09:10
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