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This says it all!!! [...]

Trumbull, Connecticut
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This says it all!!!…
True, but he's a much better choice than Hillary. Though he is totally unpredictable, I don't think he will cause a major war. He will just have to do a lot of tightrope walking. Obama also did his best to reign the Zionist radicals (aka Neocons, notice the "con" part) who run the US government.
Monday 6 February 2017, 00:06:41
[deleted user]
You are correct about his unpredictability, he changes his mind more than my ex-girlfriend, which in this case can be a good thing. But if he pans out to be just another puppet than he is no better to what was the alternative. The lesser of 2 evils is still evil.
Monday 6 February 2017, 03:08:11
Give the guy a chance , unbelievable comments zeemer, you think you could possible take it all on ?... don't think sooooooo
Monday 6 February 2017, 09:38:44
More than your ex? You know the song All My Exes Live In Texas?
How's the secession movement there?
Monday 6 February 2017, 10:42:34
[deleted user]
Gaynor, I do not get your comment. You criticize me for exposing some facts? And then you assume you know about me personally? You know nothing about what I have done and sacrificed, over the years, to avoid feeding this corrupt system! Just because someone doesn't advertise their every action does not mean they haven't contributed their part and some. I am skeptical about all people involved in murderous governments not just your false god/emperor that you are obviously dangerously blind to. Remember the WMD's campaign against Iraq? You cannot see the same narratives being used again against Iran, along with many other falsehoods? History can only repeat itself if the gullible, ignorant, and fools allow for it too. I choose not to be in that group no matter how much I am criticized. I do not sit around for the next great leader, I AM MY OWN LEADER.
Tuesday 7 February 2017, 17:24:37
[deleted user]
Here is another gentleman that is skeptical of your false god/emperor. Why don't you judge his character as well?…
Tuesday 7 February 2017, 17:27:31
[deleted user]
It all goes back to Voltaire's quote: "To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize." It is certainly telling because no one is criticizing, we are only presenting facts, and still come under full attack.
Tuesday 7 February 2017, 17:31:17
[deleted user]
Just in case you do not know the dangers of being a blind follower!…:
Tuesday 7 February 2017, 17:34:12
Zeemer (and any other non-biased real truthseeker)- check out the new social media website. Most people here are just too blind to see that they are being played as the goy they are. So many people caught up in the pizzagate psy-op and think Trump is an outsider when his own son-in law is a fucking Zionist piece of garbage that really runs the Presidency (C.E.O. of the U.S. Corporation). Alas, most people will decry this, but Truth fears no investigation.
Tuesday 7 February 2017, 18:00:54
Whatever... as I stated earlier give the bloke a chance , my opinion is that there are people who have lost any faith in a new political concept remember JFK anybody ?, if your happy in your own little world good for you , and Rob, calling people Goy?? Showing your true state of consciousness
Tuesday 7 February 2017, 18:52:40
[deleted user]
Problem with Godless Jews that they have nothing to do with religion other ways one could find the way to them by simple truth that God = Love and Ignore fiction of love God. We directly approach our needs, cooperation, friendship... It just a gang of people
Wednesday 8 February 2017, 09:25:52
Gaynor - My comment stands as one of sarcasm as I am also considered 'goy' by the ones who claim ownership over us and our livelihoods (please check out the Talmud for some wonderful examples of how they consider us to be less than cattle). Maybe I should have said 'slave' instead, because that is exactly what you are my friend. Also, my state of consciousness is of one who has awakened to the mass deception perpetrated by those (Zionist/Freemason/Jesuits) who have committed so many of the crimes against us and keep us in bondage through murder, corruption and lies. Sorry if I'm not okay with that and you are too ignorant to understand (and I mean no offense or mock you, but you are clearly unaware) When you say give Trump a chance, it is clearly obvious that you feel the need to have a master in charge and beLIEve in the fiction called government (it's okay, I was a basic statist myself when I was asleep, so no shame there), but how do you condone slavery? I myself cannot, and my state of consciousness will not allow or tolerate such. Therefore, I have done my research (which BTW never ends when you start to go down the "rabbit hole" - truth fears no investigation right?) and I can absolutely prove that Trump is nothing more than an actor on a stage playing a role for his masters. He is a Jesuit after all who caters to his Zionist owners (see the connection links of Jesuits and Zionists - same fucking thing). When you truly want to awaken in consciousness into real Truth, you will find that that staying objective without bias and not adhering to dogmatic beLIEfs will get you much farther than you ever imagined. However, when you uncover these Truths that become more self evident every day, you will also be VERY uncomfortable and re-evaluate your false paradigms. You have to go through the process of deciding to either fall back and go into your comfort zone, or forge ahead and peel back the lies of deception no matter how it may affect you. My comments merely implied that most (not all of course) people on this site just want to double down on what they 'choose' to beLIEve instead of going to the next level of awakening as truthseeking warriors do. Ergo in this case: Trump is not your fucking savior, he doesn't (as well as the fictional street gang called "Government") give a shit about you or your friends and family, and he is so obviously a player for the New World Order (like Putin and of which is already here by the way) and taking people like yourself who think he's going to make things better for you for a ride. Like King Barry, he is just a useful tool and puppet who says things that his brainwashed minions want to hear, and at some point will stage his phony assassination when his masters want him to. He's as phony and fraudulent as all the rest of them and they are laughing at our expense. But hey, if you are okay with that, be my guest because you would be just like all the other brain dead sleeping masses that remain ignorant out of choice. If you want to stand in truth and put an end to this slavery bullshit and make a change for the better that you would like to see, then step up and reclaim your personal sovereignty as a true human being and help people like me expose these motherfuckers for true pieces of shit they really are. See who REALLY is running this show here on 'Earth' and what they are doing to us. Help share the knowledge taht you do have and join me as well as a handful of others on the website Maybe I will see you there. Either way, good luck my fellow "slave".
Wednesday 8 February 2017, 17:46:18
[deleted user]
No one can give you freedom, it is something that you have to claim for your self. Lets say we who gathering here totally agree that we are played and system does not serve us. So what we going to do now? We need to finger out the ways that liberate masses of people but first of all our self. Control over necessities for life, cooperate with out third part. change services from paid to voluntary shared burden.... let get useful foe our selfs and create environment that is more nice to join... any ideas?
Wednesday 8 February 2017, 18:11:22
Rob, plenty of words not a great deal of meaning , just a waste of your time and mine don't bother thinking too much it may give your brain a pain so if your slave shackles are hurting , take a pill .... and don't bother replying as your epic speech means nothing and maybe you should check your grammar before posting any more rants
Thursday 9 February 2017, 09:44:57
Sylvester, well said, I have absolutely no shackles on me, it's a state of mind , others feels they are 'Slaves ' because they allow themselves to be in that mind set , once you decide that your not, they have absolutely no hold on you 😉
Thursday 9 February 2017, 09:48:35
[deleted user]
I guess it is important to see other peoples pain like a first expression of disappointment from state of dream . It is right direction and we all have time to get understand what is going on. Gaynor I guess you bin there done that and other people go through same. ...

Thursday 9 February 2017, 12:50:44
Yep. You're right. Total waste of time. On the one hand you have a guy that says "give Trump a chance" but then claims that slavery is just a state of mind and that my shackles must be hurting so. On the other hand, you have a guy that is on this very site that is basically created to network with similar minded people to help bring about and share ides that promote change, yet doesn't really suggest a lot of anything other than talking about how everything is all a dream and agrees that it is all in the mind. Smells like some navel gazing New Age bullshit to me, but of course since you seem to claim ownership of this site by saying I shouldn't bother to reply (and that my grammar needs some correction - really? How so? Oh, don't bother to reply because I don't care - that was rhetorical), may I remind you that you are not the only person here buddy, so I will say what I wish thank you very much. Yes, of course you are both free to speak your minds and disagree to what I have posted, but your position and attitudes seem to be one of indifference as to what is happening on this physical plane of existence right here and right now. Why are you guys even on this site? Have you contributed anything of importance besides commenting and critiquing grammar and valid points of exposing deception that you've both clearly bought into? Nah, fuck it man. Like I said - you are slaves and you don't even realize it or admit it. Also, not to put too fine a point on it but I am a serf, not a slave. Yes, I live under the conditions of slavery but I am a sovereign being (sovereign = not a slave) that has to move within the system in order to make any kind of effective change. Too bad you don't understand that though. Just wait and see until some brain dead agent of the control system asserts their domination over you with physical force, I'll bet you'll fold like a lawn chair. I guess you can tell them it's all just a state of mind and see how well that works out for you.
Thursday 9 February 2017, 17:03:03
[deleted user]
Gaynor, Everything that Rob has written is completely valid, concise, and and clear. He is ripping you to shreds soundly in a debate and all you do is come back with immature and ignorant responses. Are you a paid shill? No, I just think you are an ignorant puppet. Rob is correct wait till reality comes knocking down your door. You have absolutely no vision.
Thursday 9 February 2017, 17:16:11
[deleted user]
Rob, thank you for your efforts, time, and energy. I truly value it! It shows me a lot about your character. You are a true warrior. I came to this site with the hope of finding other awakened beings in my location, but every person I have contacted never responded back, as it appears most just create an account and never return. So I figured I could at least just share things on the main feed and connect with others around the world. But anytime I have posted personal experiences or tried to share something it has mostly been misunderstood, ridiculed, or ignored. Thanks for enlightening me about all4truth, I already created an account.
Thursday 9 February 2017, 17:30:20
[deleted user]
Guys you pointing at each other and judging each others stories I guess we all would like to see more freedom and positive change. You telling valid points and arguing about things that are deception. Can we please let it go imaginary for a while and thing what we observe, feel, what we need? Something that we could do something about. Our attention are in a direction that I can't see how it serves us. Happening always where humans attention are it is total pointless to argue about who is right. Freedom is in to make life better, make our choices, organize ourself for fun that could liberality masses. Do something good nourishing for all of us. Remember that reality is created by our attention. And Donald Trump is as real as we give him our energy talk about argue trying defend some theories .... To me it is sounds like two kids sits on pedophile In Santa costume knees and both agree that beard is fake but ones claims that it made in china totally irrelevant that it actually made from plastic. I would scream to those kids: - wake up and get out from there why you still call him Santa? Do not pay attention to things that does not serve life ore you are able to do something about, because we are enslaved by our minds by imaginary real things and with every human turning attention away That old man in costume loses the power. We need that power for ourself for our own decisions. That pressures life time, we need to use for cause that serves us every single second of it.

And if you have got yourself in a conflict, it is not natural state ore who you really are, it is result of education, schools, movies,,, as more violence "they" make socially acceptable as more violence "they" can apply to us all with out our resistance.

Zeemer , Rob, Gaynor Take a time to think a litlle bit while reading next: Everything we do is in service of our needs. When this one concept is applied to our view of others, we'll see that we have no real enemies. That what others do to us is the best possible think they know to do to get their needs met.

I love you guys and I need to watch out that you don't get crazy on each other start barking like a dogs. Please discipline yourself gentlemen. Road get bumpy it is time to slow down. I know in your heads runs very strong right wrong ... but there is other way that seam to me leads to the freedom and that is how to make life more wonderful? No one shows for us movies like that we have no clue how to play that game(?) There is no reference back in the head , memories , experience.... well in that case peace sounds like a dream impossible to reach. But it is violence that take effort to do not peace. If majority of population would calm down, minority of violent tugs will appearer obviously ridiculous and totally unacceptable and people would engage in peaceful manner with great majority to few individuals.
How about : Observation , need, request ? I understand one takes time energy write something so first we should give a gratitude to each other for that, for that we are here. I suggest lets promote observe able to everyone reality, because that is the only place where we have same ground. We see same shit as long as we don't talk about it. which means we talk in a delusional imaginary real terms accepting imaginary reality that we see on the screen Yes that is our enslavement By our minds that can't let it go imaginary. If we are slaves then we are mind slaves and one way to avoid mind slavery is to avoid brain fart totally. the truth is here we are, this is a situation, so what we can do about it?, besides occasionally fight each other for IMAGINARY real cause. If we let our minds get sucked in the stories we still entertained all time that we do not use for liberating actions. Story about Trump = Pinocchio nose is fake, I know it seams real when everyone you know around takes it serious as real , but it is not, it just a play, illusion, show, drama.... in humans minds. Real is us sitting with keyboards and trying to connect to communicate and all what we communicate is imaginary real. I am curious about mapping out our life situations and abilities to act in countable parameters See what we can do as a group for a cause that we all are in with our hearts. Seek points of agreement and cooperate on that basics. Our disagreements are useless for us and imaginary real in the first place. Old dude is real and Donald Trump is imaginary are you see what I am saying? So talking about that is what? valid points rightness? so what what it is good for to us ? what we can do about it? We right here right now are more real to me then Trump , because we can do something together and in order to that happen, we need to get to know each other our abilities, life situations.... Get to know figures on the board before start play strategies serving us our dreams. I really would like to live with people by free giving from the hearts having fun, serving each others life. practice to be peaceful together. Peace is state of mind. Resistants is to show willingness to serve life and cooperate overwhelm with friendliness. Do Not Get Serious! because it is symptom of madness. Life is sincere, not serious, that is a spot where we slip from reality to imaginary. Illusion that you have to submit ore revolt keeps you enslaved. That is a trick solution is wake up don't play those games.

You wrong! Oh you don't like?
You have to do as I say! You ask me to choose help you instead of take care of my own needs? And what is it that you need how we can make life better for us in situation?
Never pick a side ore hold on some opinion, knowledge, conviction, habit, authority of something that is not observe able real in a present moment, because your choice have to serve life in every unique situation ( it is not by my wish but in order to live you need to serve life) I would love to have an angel above me, that could wake me up every time, when I get lost in imaginary forgetting what actually serves life.

I know it is challenge and we can do it together being each others guards angels. Approach each other with sincereness about own needs, concerns, wants, and be gentle peaceful nonviolent by your self. Can you talk in terms of observation instead of labels names Other peoples motive ...stop it! we all know for sure about ourself about others we can only ask, not guess, gossip,... Real reason why we write here is us not anything else ... I feel lonely. how about you? I need to be understood, accepted , worthy, I want to spend my time here being useful for us. That is real sincere and observe able by me. In order to interact with any of you some how I need sincereness from you in a same way Like I would like to people use car blinkers before crossroad, so everyone knows who going where and how to assist each other with out disturbing.

...ore... don't be pussy take real guns with real bullets for meaningful conversation, will you? (George Carlin)
Thursday 9 February 2017, 23:43:42
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