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I have been living in as close to an Ubuntu [...]

Natural Bridge, Queensland
via Ubuntu Planet
I have been living in as close to an Ubuntu fashion as I am able for the past four years. It was Dec 21st 2012 when I began walkingourworld which has meant over 9000 kilometres of walking in four countries thus far. Next is Europe and the Middle East beginning in May 2107. In my opinion it is essential that we embrace Ubuntu principles as quickly as possible, working with each other rather than against each other. Scarcity is only a concept and one that advertising and marketing works on relentlessly. This I know because this is where I plied my trade for nearly 30 years. Look forward to contributing here and connecting with Ubuntu folk (formal or otherwise) across Europe and the Middle East in the coming few years.... Peter Walker.
Rogério dos Santos
Hello Peter, visit my profile and read our work proposal. I believe it will be possible to implement it there, so feel free to contact us and ask for more information.
Thank you.
Sunday 5 February 2017, 22:43:39
Rogério dos Santos
We can adapt the Project to reality of the demands of any locality, because the project is scalable.
Sunday 5 February 2017, 22:46:57
Peter Walker
I have investigated Rogerio and it appears to be in Spanish? Can you email me in English perhaps?
Sunday 5 February 2017, 22:48:28
Rogério dos Santos
What is your email?
Sunday 5 February 2017, 22:52:26
Peter Walker
sent on private chat already Rogerio
Sunday 5 February 2017, 22:53:13
Sunday 5 February 2017, 23:16:55
Michael E. V. Knight
Great post Peter, be sure to watch and share all the Ubuntu Contributionism videos at
Monday 6 February 2017, 15:21:35
Deleted User
Hi There Peter have you managed to connect with others in your area?
Monday 6 February 2017, 15:33:40
Peter Walker
Janet, there is an Ubuntu group on the Gold Coast nearby and I am connected there as well as in Newcastle. Still a long way to go. I am also the vision creator for a gathering called The Village which is presented as far as we are able in an ubuntu fashion, contribution being the key to its happening. Soon connecting via the Village concept with a gathering in Melbourne, and there seems a likelihood of another on the Sunshine Coast soon after that. The energy is growing.
Tuesday 7 February 2017, 22:55:29
Peter Walker
Thanks Michael Knight. I only have mobile phone data, so will have to wait till Im on someones wifi unlimited service to take a look, but thanks for the information.
Tuesday 7 February 2017, 22:56:43
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