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Like many things a lot of people may be INTERESTED [...]

Newport, Rhode Island
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Like many things a lot of people may be INTERESTED in something, few are COMMITTED to achieving it. As a child my friend said he wanted to learn to play the drums, his parents bought him a drum set for xmas. He took a few lessons, played for a few weeks then quit. He thought he was just going to do that a few times and become a rock star. Not willing to COMMIT to 2-4 hours a day of lessons and practice he quit playing.

There is no straight line to success. People see Michael Tellinger videos, like the idea, join here, look around, do not see any Ubuntu communities actually up and running, so they say to themselves this will never happen and go away.

US President John Kennedy once said - ask not what your country can do for you, ask what can I DO for my country? Same with Ubuntu Contributionism. People should not come here asking when is Michael Tellinger going to start a Ubuntu Community i can move to, they need to ask how can I start a local Ubuntu Contributionism group so we can start the domino effect and develop Ubuntu Contributionism all over the world?

Most of what is needed to get started can be found in the Ubuntu videos at

There are more ideas in this post i wrote, where it says RBE, think UBUNTU:…

The foundation of Ubuntu Contributionism is working TOGETHER and SHARING. We do not even need to talk about a no money world, politics, illuminati etc., we can just ask people if they would like to save money and eventually only need to work/help out the local community 3 hours a week and have ALL their needs met. If they say yes, start working TOGETHER and SHARING.

The Ubuntu Contributionism plan is SIMPLE to do, we just need to DO it. The first part of the DO is finding other local people to actually work TOGETHER and SHARE with. This means we need to talk to people about the idea constantly, and sharing videos/posts about Ubuntu on all our social media outlets. Follow me on FaceBook, this is pretty much all i post about. Share the posts i write so others will start to get the MINDSET change needed to both WANT and DO the Ubuntu Contributionism lifestyle.

Even this does not guaranty success, but with enough of us DOING this, eventually one or more small towns will have people working TOGETHER and SHARING towards an UBUNTU world.

It would be great if just 50 like minded, serious about Ubuntu people were able to move to just one small town in each country to start this. Like Michael Tellinger has said the money BEAST has it's claws and chains so tight on us it is hard to do this. In order to do this the people moving there would need an income to pay living expenses until the Ubuntu co-ops are profitable enough for them not to need a job.

Finding jobs in small towns is not always easy. This would be great for active, healthy seniors with retirement income coming in from either social security or a pension, or investment income. Would also be possible for someone that works from their computer and can live anywhere and still make enough money to pay their bills.

The other chain is not wanting or able to leave family and friends to get a small town started.

But for people ready, willing and able to move, we/they need to start talking with each other. Here in the US a couple of my FB friends have a tiny group started in SouthWest Colorado. They would love to have serious, like minded, ready, willing and financially able people move there to help them grow their group.

They just bought a small apartment house that needs rehab that some members could eventually live in (still needing to pay rent since they have a loan that needs to be repaid).

One member about 3 hours from them has some land for greenhouses. He is in a small town of around 500 people so 49 more adults moving there or nearby would be 10% of the towns population. Ubuntu could grow quickly there.

My niece said to me a few months ago it's hard to find a good person to date. i said to her in order to find a good person YOU need to first be a good person. Same with Ubuntu. i hear many stories of people moving somewhere saying they want to help, they get there, work a few weeks, then stop helping and sit around and drink and smoke all day, eventually having the host ask them to leave.

To have UBUNTU we need to LIVE UBUNTU every day in every way. We need to change our mindsets from ME ME ME to WE WE WE. From COMPETITION to COOPERATION. It may sound like i am preaching to the choir here but like i just mentioned above, those people that moved and eventually stopped helping said they were members of the choir. Obviously in the wrong church.

ONE SMALL TOWN, that's all it takes to get the dominoes starting to fall in surrounding towns, causing them to need then follow the Ubuntu Contributionism Lifestyle. Causing towns further out to then need then follow... until the whole human population is living the Ubuntu Contributionism lifestyle.

Let's get this done!
Love your passion & drive Michael & I hear u :)

We are at the exciting beginning stages of this movements explosion into the world & there is still some essential groundwork to be done to assist in that process. To that end I am currently designing a global system of support, training & communication which will be tied into our new global website & database. This system will give everyone guidance and support on how to start meet up circles & start various types of community projects & promotional events to really grow our presence & increase our membership numbers.
I’m just building the skeleton of the structure now & then we’ll reach out to those who would like to input ideas & feedback so we can grow a system together that will support everyone in moving forward in the most productive, efficient & impactful way possible.

I see your dedication & vision & would love to talk with u to start sharing ideas - the quicker we can get this system up & running the quicker we can grow. Much love to u brother :)
Tuesday 7 February 2017, 09:18:45
Deleted User
So are you both employment by UBUNTU?
Wednesday 8 February 2017, 09:20:56
Deleted User
Let me guess ... you are fundraisers ...
Wednesday 8 February 2017, 16:35:08
Hi janet, I'm a volunteer & the UK national coordintor while we get the UK scene up & firing... nice to meet you
Wednesday 8 February 2017, 16:49:37
Deleted User
Are you in the UK?
Wednesday 8 February 2017, 17:34:00
Yes i am
Thursday 9 February 2017, 12:50:21
Deleted User
Drea can you prove somehow that you are currently in the UK? Screen shot
Thursday 9 February 2017, 14:19:26
Michael E. V. Knight
i gift my time currently 50-80 hours a week, to various groups working towards a no money/currency world, including Ubuntu, New Earth Nation, The Transition...
Monday 13 February 2017, 16:09:57
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