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I found this interesting on alternative currencies. [...]

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I found this interesting on alternative currencies.…
Talks about Ithaca hours link here to some info
Tuesday 7 February 2017, 21:02:17
'western Greek Island, legendary home of Odysseus; the first element is perhaps Phoenician i "island;" the rest is unknown. Related: Ithacan.'…
Tuesday 7 February 2017, 21:04:05
[deleted user]
Good to see people tackling what is a difficult agenda it is so easy to write this stuff off by I think it must be tried.
Tuesday 7 February 2017, 21:29:21
Tuesday 7 February 2017, 21:31:13
This I found interesting from their site FAQ's

What happens to the sterling pounds that are taken when people buy Lewes Pounds?

All Sterling pounds are held in a safe deposit box with a local bank, so that we can access them at any time should people wish to trade their Lewes Pounds back into Sterling.
Tuesday 7 February 2017, 21:38:27
Tuesday 7 February 2017, 22:18:51
[deleted user]
Gold are unique metal it can be used... I personally have no usage for it, but I heard some where that it can be done something special with it I wonder what is it?
Wednesday 8 February 2017, 09:19:42
[deleted user]
It is educational too
Wednesday 8 February 2017, 09:38:35
My thoughts are we need to have an asset based currency, so could we use assets as the medium of exchange?
Wednesday 8 February 2017, 16:51:48
[deleted user]
Top solution of my brain till now is time banking, we trade our attention to each other for to keep illusion of fairness in our affairs. I say illusion, because if some one in a real life threatening need, I would help any way, so what is a point to count and keep track masseur and compare everything? Let people move free by their own will to serve own needs and intentions, like minded let find each other and form life serving organization. I probably would help to move furniture for an old lady and pay that time to little girl that play piano. There is no need to keep a score when you make love ore just live with love to other people. Time Banking Time instead of currency I would like to have evidence that you help other people in our community, those hours that you spend, I would love to give you back as thank you In my service. Get free from money that would be really big step to freedom.
Wednesday 8 February 2017, 17:57:59
If I remember they touch on this time banking in the videos. That sounds ok on a local basis. I think new banks should be set up with tangible assets as deposits. I can only think that a mix of pure gold and silver should be used in currency as capital money. This would require a new form of money to circulate around each country. To put it mildly it would require a reset.
Wednesday 8 February 2017, 18:08:54
[deleted user]
Obviously money is a tool of control So to have local what ever people came up with is local control. Sounds better then global to me, because locally we can meet and express our needs and make life serving changes. Global rulers you either obey ore revolt which leads to violence and enslavement. We need something that serves us better then it does right now.
Wednesday 8 February 2017, 18:17:24
[deleted user]
I am working on a system were everyone get £20,000 a year. I mean everyone rich or poor. From this point you can work for money or to contribute back into society. Wages would drop as workers would not require as much earned income. Imagine a couple with a family they would have £40,000 this would result in the homemaker getting a remuneration for the good it does in society. People could do the job they wanted to do rather than the job with the highest pay. Most of us would no longer work for profit. As the family unit was more home based and the need to travel miles to work reduced their money would be spent locally people would meet in shops again and communities would flourish.

People could pool resources buy a small holding and grow food that could be sold locally. Because your living needs are taken care of the need for profit is reduced. Just think about all the possibilities it becomes mind blowing. People will say there is no money well I disagree and anyway the money will be passed around it would just flow form person to person. Crime would reduce as the people in jail will be paying for their own internment. Look everything in existence and everything of value is here on the earth there is nothing else as far as we know and we all are entitled to a piece of it. I am not saying there will be no commerce and trade, innovation must flourish but profit for profit sake must be curbed. The money is there I know it is.
Wednesday 8 February 2017, 18:28:50
All good ideas but where would you begin with this. Enter a figure in a ledger and say hey presto We all have money. I like your idea Llanrog and I think finland has just done something similar if I am not mistaken. I would like this if it had a starting point of asset based. Going forward into year two, again I can't get my head round unless year 1 circulated into year 2.
Wednesday 8 February 2017, 19:05:16
[deleted user]
I would love to see people out of stress for survival. How about free necessities for life? why we pay for a house that just stay there? I understand Need to build house together with homes building union. But payment for living Is stupid, because we can not use more then we need and we live in abundance. If government will do not pay substitute people will revolt ore start live on their own ignoring institutions. To save money to buy house takes 30 years and to build few month It is crazy.
Wednesday 8 February 2017, 19:15:46
[deleted user]
My thought is this, that the money doesn't just disappear it just circulates. What we need to do is re-evaluate what derives the value of money. In times past it was Gold or Silver but in the modern era this is not sustainable for a start we have very little gold deposits so in the past we went out and effectively stole it at the point of a sword. It was called the Golden Era - Elizabeth 1. I think today with modern technology we should be able to derive a new value to money. There is only around 1-5% of actual money in existence the rest is debt. I was thinking the other day about students going to university and why it is promoted. The student by gaining a loan effectively magics £30,000-£40,000 of spendable money into existence to which they give it to landlords stationary shop pubs etc. They then deposit this into their banks and due to Fractional Reserve Lending a possible £300,000 - £400,000 spendable debt is created. This figure is under written by a student promising to pay it back at some point in the future.

Okay it will take a lot of time to dig deep into this and maybe I dreaming of utopia but do we all think we can carry on as we are.
Wednesday 8 February 2017, 20:51:08
Sometimes I think the current system is the only way our world can do business and keep the cogs rolling. When they take us to a more cashless system then all the better for them. Perhaps this is the only way it can actually work.

Mega corporations are controlling the flow business across the world so that is the way its supposed to be. However to make it more fair in their system perhaps usery should be taken to a minimum or just be an admin charge based on the loan.

Maybe banks will prop up this system forever becuase it would collapse otherwise so we have to accept it for what it is. I don't know but discussions like this might trigger ideas.
Wednesday 8 February 2017, 21:04:59
[deleted user]
No country this days have control owe own money that bothers me a lot. Money is just a bills of exchange ore promissory notes. Everyone have right to create own promissory note . If you com to me and help me build a house ore what ever I need I can write to you promissory note to compensate you for your time that you spend for my cause. Hour for hour. It just you don't need to have that pressures time of life directly from my service you choose service you need from a web side, place where you can find who need what and where and who can help with what. and I pay you with my promissory note like I have payed with promissory note for lets say helping someone deal with software in ones head ore what ever it is. Point is to be free to choose and With out violence usually people choose something that serves life. If you have money and I not, then I will do as you say and that is violence and people do harm in involuntary manner. Those who have a balls, do more harm and get more money. Coercion cause harm makes us look at other side when we see harm. With out violence we will make life more wonderful in a voluntary manner.
Wednesday 8 February 2017, 21:14:29
[deleted user]
Cash is something that you can use with out third part control and collecting fee. Now there is electronic cash Bit-coin same function as paper.
Wednesday 8 February 2017, 21:20:46
[deleted user]
Years ago I had a friend who worked in insurance and his field was business. He did a lot in the rag trade he was trusted and he knew how their system worked. He told me they all work with cash because goods moved so fast you would not let stuff go with a check that took 5 days to clear. Typically traders would go to London to the import traders spend £100,000 on cloths come back up North and flog it to shops and market stalls couple of days and his stock was gone. This would be unheard of now. It does sound naive just magicking money but there is a serious side to this and that is it will rely on people taking personal responsibility of their own life as these funds are made available to them. I think it would slow down a world economy and become more local.
Wednesday 8 February 2017, 21:41:50
[deleted user]
We can resolve Doctors hour = kids hour cutting grass by students who go to medical school get promissory notes in hours for investing their time in to gaining skills. Ore yes students should get paid for study. So if you can not find anything to do useful for everyone then you go to school get skills that needed and you get your hours by study. Money it just a social agreement, It is totally imaginary, which means fantasy has no limits, you just need to track what serves life and we can create what ever serves us best. We can announce concurs for best idea replacing Money as it is today is a force of violence.
I am totally fine to have Communism ore Nazi regime ore Capitalism ore what ever society we came up with , With one condition: NO VIOLENCE. Life Is a technical challenge It has to do with engineering, planing, designing, building, creating, constructing, developing... any one who talks nonsense with attempt to lead, should be treated as danger for society Politics Banks has no life serving function. People instead of voting should do what ever they need to, of cause there is need for coordination balance fitting in global picture and that can do Linux developers team as example. They do not punch each other in a face for ideas, do they? There is no need to force people to suffer. How about we reject imaginary and point attention to observe able where is no deception? This is a situation... this is what we, that live over there need and this is our request to assist as with. Observation, needs, request.... As soon you get in to imaginary blah blah people find the way to get around human logic and rationality.
Wednesday 8 February 2017, 21:45:49
[deleted user]
All imaginary real rules you can hack, finger out how to get around, get payed with out creating anything ... because violence creates violence . People do not slow down living so as real serving life activities never slow down. I wonder what economy is with out money? translated from Greek it means household activities and whole planet big home for everyone. Do you charge your kids for meal? Before you cooking what do you count? How many people you need to feed ore Money? Today money is authorities permission to live, VISA to life given by bank. Ore Master card does it has to do something with Master and slave servant? How more obvious function of money can be? But I understand that money is like loosing mamas boobs for a kid we need something to suck on temporary some kind of counting for to feel secure. Tools and gadgets library? create by community for its local people everyone else pay and locals use their local card to take what they need.
Wednesday 8 February 2017, 22:11:21
[deleted user]
The ability to dream makes us human and sets us apart from animals. One original thought is directly equal to the sum of all other thoughts. not sure who said that.
Wednesday 8 February 2017, 22:39:11
[deleted user]
Imagination serves us better then claws and fangs and it is also place where we get enslaved. Everything I know is from other people, so it is more impotent to get life serving massage across, then watch out for ownership tags of ideas.
Thursday 9 February 2017, 13:00:24
[deleted user]
How is my imagination enslaving me please try to explain. When Beethoven sat at his piano and looked down do you think he thought this is a waste of time there are only seven notes what the hell am I to do with that no he wrote his 5th Piano Concerto (my favorite) so if you want proof there is more to life than all we see then there it is.
Thursday 9 February 2017, 19:22:16
llanrog - Don't waste your words with this guy - sylvester seems to be a real energy sucking waste of time. As much as I am loathe to site his garbled English as being a primary factor (he can't help that he comes from the fucked up socialist land of Sweden and English is not his first language), it doesn't help much either when he spews his drivel. This guy is what is wrong with the truth seeking community in general. What's his message? What is he putting out there besides inciting irritation?
And yeah sylvester, I'm calling you out on your bullshit. Seriously man, cool it with your New Age bullshit garbage. I'm all for peace and the N.A.P. myself, but you are the worst sort of do nothing parasite that is almost as bad as the NWO itself. Either put up or shut up dude. I sense no righteous anger in you and your garbled- ass comments always seem to promote inaction over real active change for a positive future. Would you care to really know what I am referring to? Here you go buddy (and for anyone else that would like to know why I seem to be so harsh on this guy):…
llanrog - We have conversed before in a civilized fashion on the subject of firearms and the importance of self-defence (remember that?). I have been trying to show some people here that there is also another good site that has recently started up called which is more geared to a real truthseeking community. It couldn't hurt to poke your head in and see what it's like. You could always be a member of both sites like I am. I will say however, that I'm pretty much almost done with this one but I do check in from time to time.
Thursday 9 February 2017, 23:45:53
[deleted user]

llanrog we agree that we are used, enslaved(?) and we have no chains, So we are hold not physically, but by imaginary real things like money, government, institutions, rules that we all obey even if we don't like it.
Friday 10 February 2017, 00:06:19
[deleted user]
Rob what it is that I do that you do not like?

I could give more attention to gram , but I guess that is not real cause of your irritation isn't? I guess you feel inpatient about situation and would like to do something to get result? So what is a plan? to create polarity and violence? Revolutions does not change anything, we have so many of them in the past it just cost peoples life.
Non violence is most effective result giving actions (India , Ganddi) It is proved works and violence it is proved don't work cost many life. I don't know about ore belong to the label 'New Age' ore any other group of people.

Just think about for a minute: If we get violent does state can manage that? Yes and Yes even if we win take power by organized violence.

Call me out what it is that bugs you?
Friday 10 February 2017, 00:31:47
[deleted user]
Rob check out this vision and tell me what you like ore not and why it is better that you suggest?…
Friday 10 February 2017, 00:58:23
[deleted user]
Rob and sylvester I have watch both videos obviously both on the same page. Not sure what Mark was saying other than doing what everyone else seems to be doing and that is finding someone or something to blame. I must also say I am sick to death of being called a slave. I have a family and skills I go out and sell those skills I could say I am forced to do this but I wish to look after my family and I do it with the best attitude I can muster. Mark like lots of others talk of hidden occult knowledge that the masses are not privy to and yes most knowledge is a form of power. Did Jesus not say to his disciples "the things I say to you I do not say to all" . I do agree with Mark that you cannot live totally left side or totally right side. I learnt this early on in my own spiritual existence I don't want to be totally spiritual I like material.

My view is this substitute everything you read or watch about truth and substitute the word truth with the word money. It is that they are hiding from us it is what we all need. I feel lots of people say money is evil but its what we all need a bigger share. The more money you have the less important it becomes. I wish I could talk more but the page is playing up and typing is difficult. Good to hear from both of you I will think more on this.
Friday 10 February 2017, 20:04:26
llanrog - Thanks for the comment, and I do value your input. I never ask people to agree with me, but to give me their honest take on the subjects I offer or rebut. I find your open minded candor refreshing. Yes, like yourself I am also tired of being referred to as a slave, but we are approaching this from different angles I think. I recognize the conditions, but I am loathe to be an active participant in this 'machine' that is grinding us up and spitting us out. I think I understand what sylvester is trying to say, but I cannot condone the ostrich effect where people think that by ignoring it or tuning it out (the slavery - or insert your word of control here) will make it magically go away. The Passio video is only there to provide clarity of the inaction promoted by the New Age movement that resistance is futile and we should just tune everything out with passive resistance, which IMHO is total bullshit. You need to step up and say "NO" to these motherfuckers every once and awhile.
Friday 10 February 2017, 22:31:28
[deleted user]
There is a limit what one can do successfully for sure and there for it is not tacking strongest point, but weakest point of "enemies" that gives results. I am sure there is thinks to do locally creating transparency In small community institutions. Change relationship from dominant structure in to voluntary cooperation based on mutual benefit and agreement. When strategy satisfy both sides equally it is enough with agreement by words and when people behave competitive strategically trying to win then they write agreement on paper in order to enforce it with violence. Start teach kids how to get a long in schools. Create restorative justice service to choose before you go to the court of punitive justice. Create small libraries cute box with door with free books as a way to spread awareness. If there is poverty create free food places for own safety of cause, you feed people take care of them and there is no one to be afraid of, community garden. Time Banks. Home build unions. gadgets shared on website , tool libraries. You can totally replace clerks ore make them work as a service to community. Never do more then you surly can. I sow video of Larken Rose with a label: "when it is OK to shoot the cop?" what can one accomplish with that? It is madness to encourage homicide. It stupidity of the child who has no patients ore smartness. I guess biggest illusion is that you just have to spill some blood in order to make something happen. Peace is as possible as traffic rules It is do able with out violence. As lower violence is among local people as more difficult is to use force up on them. If you overdo with cops activities there is a risk that people will unite against authority. So competitive events are organized regularly annually to make sure that no one gets too friendly with each other and a lots of boos .
Friday 10 February 2017, 23:28:42
[deleted user]
I do think we are all on the the same page but coming at it at different angles as Rob says. MP presentation was good but the language was aggressive and rather mocking. I agree we should not get too swept up in spiritual oneness I like to see diversity. Sylvester I agree in non -violence and I am sure so does Rob but when we get this shit together and tell them what we want violence will be forced upon us weather we like it or not. Gandhi used non-violence out of necessity in many ways and in a country where death was common place and a daily occurrence I wonder how long we in the West in 2017 would stand bye and allow such extreme violence. Even Mandela in the end said there comes a point when you realize you can't fight bullets with sticks and stones. Whats important is that we prepare ourselves and our friends and families. Our time is soon.
Saturday 11 February 2017, 17:17:03
[deleted user]
llanrog thoughtful said... I like it. the experience of survivals is a key to the gravity of love.... ability for humanness friendship ability to get along, extending a hand one to another.
Sunday 12 February 2017, 15:45:12
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