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I am looking for answers to something I have seen. [...]

Tararua Forest Park, Wellington
via SotR - Finland
I am looking for answers to something I have seen. Please forgive me if it is not the normal thing to post on here. I can see a grid in the sky. It is NOT chemtrails. It has been visable on a beautifully clear day. way up higher than a commercial plane, Which is what I was watching, looking for chemtrails. When I saw aperfectly formed grid. It was like looking at safety glass with the wire squares going through it. It even looked the same size it was so high up. We have bin hammered with chemtrails since but yesterday I could still see the grid through the blotciness of the haze of the trails. It IS not chemtrails. It is a dark lined perfectly squared grid like the math books we had at school. or like the safety glass. I am in New Zealand, I have never seen anything like this before. I do have some very interesting things happen with electricity when i come in contact with it. electric blanked=ts make m y body humm. people can feel it. and if I am hoovering and anyone touches me they get zapped/ So soory if this off topic. I have been given a link of holographic cities seen over china and raillllllllllllllllllnbow thing etc. NONE are what I saw. It went for as far as my eye could see. I am a healer and I communicate with horses, However my gifts are getting stronger and accellerating very fast recently. I am now picking up on horses from a distance. And I am getting more and more psychic every week. I can pick up on humans, however it is always about negative happenings against me,. Also I was born with the gift of the truth. I know the truth see and feel the truth. and cannot be taken in by the reptilian vomit that they speal. I can see right through lies. This grid tho what is it please??
Fiona M
please excuse typos on a new laptop it is not going so well. bit wmbarrassing
Saturday 17 October 2015, 00:16:05
Qaw Qua (inactive)
Hi, I cannot comment the things you have seen. I concentrate on meditation and visualizing. Cannot really always tell what is real, that are we seeing. But Love is real. Light is real.
Sunday 18 October 2015, 00:35:10
kim a
the grid u see is an energetic web. I new a channeler who could see it as well she was also gifted. this would be a great question for cobra he seems to know a lot.
Sunday 18 October 2015, 14:12:53
Grégory M
I think youre seing the grid...
Monday 19 October 2015, 16:19:03
Qaw Qua (inactive)
I think it doesn't matter
Monday 19 October 2015, 18:18:57
great! i guess we are all seeing little bits of the puzzle....did you see The Hunger Games, Fiona? when the lead actress is shooting an arrow at the sky and the veil opens?
Wednesday 21 October 2015, 13:33:41
for me, my eyes are not so good and i wear heavy jampot the last months i see different colors flashes or white lights in the corner of my eye ....3 times my eyes started to see whole colored bright neon lights....fluor lights that keep changing fast...this on top on 'reality' time i was just putting the key in my house door....the energy of the key,,,,round head with the jagged edges was repeated in different sizes and takes a few minutes up to 10 and then it is gone again...
Wednesday 21 October 2015, 13:42:28
Fiona M
No I have not seen the hunger games. I don't watch any media any more. very very few. and if I do it is usually somethig funny for a laugh. Or something I have on youtube with the grandbabies :)
Thursday 22 October 2015, 03:41:57
Fiona M
I see lights out of the corner of my eyes. not like that tho. I just put it down to reflection off my glasses
Thursday 22 October 2015, 03:42:55
Fiona M
Thankyou Kim and Gregory. It has been confirmed also. yes it is the grid I mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmwill ask cobra although I have asked the question on his blog and he has not got back to me on that. any ideas how to get a reply ?? :)
Tuesday 24 November 2015, 03:13:04
Fiona M
oh dear. I am still struggling with this laptop hahaha
Tuesday 24 November 2015, 03:13:31
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