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Frustration with the masses slowness to wake up. Stems [...]

Torquay, Torbay
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Frustration with the masses slowness to wake up. Stems from my visit to the Magna Carta exhibition in August. The original document of the Declaration of American Independence was on display. I read the first paragraph and it blew my mind. The people who created the document knew the people they were dealing with were archons.. It talks about Mankind, Nature 's God and The Powers of the Earth. Read it and let me know if it's obvious to you too.
[deleted user]
I totally agree with you about the type of frustration you experience; it's been bugging me for years. Given the amount of genuinely useful information that is now so easy to access for everybody these days, it constantly surprises me to find that most people I work with or come across are still not interested in such things. Thank you for referencing the original Declaration of American Independence, which I have not yet read but your fascinating observations make me want to. I will check it out and respond accordingly. Thanks again for pointing folks in that direction.
Saturday 17 October 2015, 12:04:19
eddie b
hey ,great post thanks Jennifer ..hope you not mind me saying,and this for anyone who may not know,that the magna carta was signed under duress back in 1215,therefore is null and void,unless its given belief,has been quite a powerful tool for the old vaticano but then the Constitution holds truth to ward off these rogue technocrats for we the people (if we all remeber that is) (we are )...everything seems to be contract law ,its all code or COnscious DEception played out by the Vat! so we need to show the people whom think they have authority over us(which they don't) that they are breaking their own Criminal Codes/laws/acts...only the people can do that and have to call it en masse!! respectfully of course. much love,without prejudice ed.b
Saturday 17 October 2015, 17:42:43
irelands peace keeper
people are sfraid to wake up, hear no evil see no evil, they would rather turn away and hope it goes away, it groups like this website that will help people come out and speak their mind
Saturday 17 October 2015, 21:43:26
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