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just watched "the truth behind abortion clinics" on the prepare [...]

Toronto, Ontario
via Prepare For Change
just watched "the truth behind abortion clinics" on the prepare for change website and I have to say it is very hard to take. I was a defender of choice. of women's freedom to choose. I was against abortion for myself but did not feel right telling other women what to do. If this video is genuine, then I have been part of the manipulation too then haven't I? it's devastating. it's hard to accept. the disclosure movement will be rocky. so much to take in. so much to let go.
Thank you Hefalump. I have not watched the video, but I do believe that the reason many if not most women personally choose to have an abortion is due to long term suppression of girls in our culture that includes the devastating effects of sexual abuse that is almost impossible to escape here on Earth.

I also believe that when girls are no longer sexualized or sexually abused there will a drastic reduction in unwanted pregnancy because women will be able to say no at will, instead of having the sexalized inner child submit to sexual encounters that do not serve them and they often do not really want.

When freedom returns to Earth and free will is experienced by women and the Goddess is reinstated in Her rightful place, abortion will most likely be gone.

I may be wrong, but from the women I've discussed this with and the reading I've done regarding the effects of sexual abuse, this is the conclusion I've drawn.
Saturday 11 February 2017, 18:53:52
well they were 'aborting' girls who were sometimes not even pregnant... but yes, no doubt, after the event, who will want to abort a life. who will want to infringe on the rights of others. very few I think.
Saturday 11 February 2017, 19:07:08
I see, I've never met someone that had an abortion who was not pregnant. I know that here in the USA, the government used to sterilize women for different reasons without their knowledge and/or consent.
Saturday 11 February 2017, 19:15:09
well this video is a horrific account of what she used to do in those clinics. but yes, they would convince girls they were pregnant. she explains why and how. not surprised about what you say either. all within the same agenda I think.
Saturday 11 February 2017, 19:41:06
Oh boy I did not know about this..Can you send a link of the video Hefalump? If this is the truth then this is really shocking..
Sunday 12 February 2017, 19:38:04
Always been prolife.
Sunday 12 February 2017, 20:16:05
Sunday 12 February 2017, 21:57:05
thank you Hefalump:)
Monday 13 February 2017, 13:44:16
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