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Heart Activation Music is a world first, profound and an [...]

Bibra Lake, Western Australia
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Heart Activation Music is a world first, profound and an enhancement of the traditional form of sound healing. The music contains the energies & consciousness of crystals and light codes along with the addition of binary frequencies (binaural beats).

What makes the Heart Activation Music extraordinary in the field of sound healing is the incorporation of music with a range of energies & frequencies. The energies and the music take you through a journey of various harmonics and frequencies from the music instruments, sounds of animals and vocals as well as ambient sounds. The energies of the crystals embedded & channelled energies is why the Heart Activation Music stands out from all other different types of sound therapy & music therapy created.

Other forms of sound wave therapies focus on brainwave entrainment or releasing of emotional wounds, activation of the heart space using binary frequencies and emotions in sound by using specific chords and all achieve amazing results. Steven North discovered brainwave entrainment technologies in 2006 which is one of the many things that led to the creation of the Heart Activation Music.

The Heart Activation Music is also a therapy and is used in both group sessions and individual sessions performed by Steven & Amy North.

Here is one of the albums from the Heart Activation Music range by Steven North.…
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