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a lot of usefull info on our own power, food, [...]

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a lot of usefull info on our own power, food, and way to deal with the war on light.…
[deleted user]
I'm not saying that this woman is lying, she's extremely restless, which could be taken as a warning to be cautious. She's maybe energized for having a chance to share something she's not used to talk about. I do get that vibe too.

Who knows what this woman has become after having gone through these horrors, if they're true? Is she delusional due to it? We need to be careful.

There's a possibilty that certain "memories" are planted in a person's mind, maybe a person with a mi-lab background, with the intention to misinform and confuse the person but also those who listen to their story.

And even cause fear in the listener. To what purpose is this interview made, I wonder?
I'm not taking this as genuine immediately, though I don't ignore the state this woman is in and judge her as a misinforming source of info.
Sunday 12 February 2017, 09:50:09
[deleted user]
I meant to say that I don't judge her as....
Sunday 12 February 2017, 09:51:36
Thank you for posting this and learning about this person....I alot how it is like with the battling and stuff. She seems pretty knowledgeable in this area. I often avoid this subject.
Sunday 12 February 2017, 20:15:21
hmm I always take MKultra type of account with the grain of salt, Pastinakel for this reason. They are part of the system against their will... so they can still be manipulated. But her motivation is clearly the light, and she has (I agree Vassar) a lot of knowledge. What she says make sense. the level of paranoia between countries/factions may very well have risen to this level. Not surprising given all that we know. yes horrors. we have been told we will be greatly shocked by new disclosures. there are more and more. I think this is still only the tip of the iceberg. She has survived the impossible. I am personally ok with her being a bit jittery. I would be a mad woman If I lived through what she had!
Sunday 12 February 2017, 21:39:44
I suspect now that as she explains, it was the so called *positive forces* of us military who killed theses children. Because once they understood what this AI was they were absolutely terrified of the invasion and destruction (not just of earth and our galaxy but of our very soul) and decided they had to do what ever it took to fight it, what ever the cost. I hope I am wrong. but I doubt it. Yet she herself gives the solution to it all: Love. A peace-filled heart.
Sunday 12 February 2017, 21:48:39
Of course, Hefalump. Is what I have been trying to relay is that the occultists war going on alot of these S.S.types of people infiltrate. Now I know this girl has done some dirt she even in a way admits it. But with these types they are uncontrollable and unpredictable you never really know what they are going to do. In her case she would make a bad soldier which is probably why she started to sing and heal. The MK programming does wear off to a certain extent but whomever put alot of money and time into here arw still watching her. Probably waiting for the perfect time to strike. These types of things I have been aware of for awhile now and I've had my own version of this as well, but is not really to be taken lightly. You must be a tough person?....Because people that live through this sort of thing or had this type of training are very dangerous. S.S. Training is actually more common than you would think. I kinda feel like I already know this person as with the war, it seems, there is constant communications and she explains it in one of the many interviews that she done that I saw. But yes as heartfelt and as enlightening as she seems to be, They use people like this to do extraordinary things.

If we are to have peace alot of these people, these groups need to come out and brought to justice because there are beings like her on the dark side. We can show them that a Peaceful life is a better one filled with love and joy.
Sunday 12 February 2017, 22:00:09
[deleted user]
That grain of salt is present in my discernment too, Hefalump. I don't mean to ignore the suffering this woman endured,
nor deny the existence of the horrific practices she describes. I've met two people in my life who survived similar practices,
so I know and I've seen what it can do to one's soul, heart and body. First time in my life I sensed the urge in my body to
run away from it, while my mind and heart tried to figure out how to process the experience of hearing what was shared with me.
Sunday 12 February 2017, 22:01:08
[deleted user]
Your comment, VASSAR, reminds me of what I heard about Marina Abramovic, the performance artist who relentlessly tries to extend her boundaries.
She's by herself not a being of the dark, but beings of the dark have detected her and they've managed to use her, lured her in the name of fame, and
now she takes part in weird events, where aspects are involved that smell of black magic. That's a very clear example of how clever the dark beings are.
Sunday 12 February 2017, 22:14:11
Pastinakel I agree. This war is like fighting in the dark. Like this woman says in the interview, we are fighting amongst unseen forces. But, also as I mentioned that they have stepped up the attacks on the lightworkers, lightforces, and they are at the stage now where they will come right our into the open hidden in plain sight.
For psy ops, (Psychological operations) They really have to get right up on you, usually more than one, to try and get into your head you know, to push your buttons sort of speak? And expose it.
The problem with that though is that at least now with raising consciousness, trying to find a weakness to a zen like figure, is an exhausting undertaking for any being. Even though a compression break through has occured since last summer, they still continue to try and compress is insane. They still use the same techniques over and over again.
Pastinakel lol what does black magik smell like? 😀Is not a joken.
They are very clever and claim to be the first species I think to claim interstellar travel. Humans on this planet are staring in the barrel of a gun. Without the Lightforces the, Galactics, where would we be? In the dark.

I feel I am consciously aware of my decision making procprocess but, again you never know because there is always them in the dark making plans. They do this for fun.
Sunday 12 February 2017, 22:43:44
you are right Vassar. But I found a while ago that when you put that too much into account you start to doubt everything and that is dangerous. There is always the divine plan above it all, so trusting your inner knowledge, and positive messages, that sounds genuine and progressive is always the answer for me. And this is a good exemple: who she really is we do not know, but her words are words of strength and unbreakable spirit against very dark forces. She brings out the most important message of all : we are self enpowered and all we need to do is find the love and peace within.
Monday 13 February 2017, 04:03:02
Oh yes Pastinakel, I do remember you having had a close encounter with this matter. Hearing this on a personal level must be very overwhelming, almost traumatic.
Monday 13 February 2017, 04:21:12
[deleted user]
Yes, I agree with you, Hefalump, we need to find the love and peace within. Well said. The two people I've met in person, were very different in receiving my honest feedback about my experience in hearing their story. One was in denial, a man turning away from the rhinoceros on his table that was unintentionally exposed by my feedback and the other, a woman, was open and ready to hear it, after working hard on restoring her balance and clearing a lot of stuff in her past. She came from the heart, the other was closed to it. And that's what exposes the truth about finding love and peace within and the value of finding freedom to move on.
Monday 13 February 2017, 06:38:06
Yes that is right also I wanted to comment about what you mentioned about the U.S. forces doing alot of these sacrifices. And our own U.S. military is out of control. The resistance states that they are working with the positive U.S. military faction in closing down these facilities. But I find it hard to believe because of the implants, the mind controls, the chips, the A.I. I'm not saying they are not telling the truth it's just that they are bent on this occultist war also the negative faction and they have reptilians/Dracos also. If there is a positive faction helping is a very small percentage in my opinion. Most of the highest ranking officers are insane.
This girl says alot of uplifting things and she does interviews. Is positive action what she is doing in my book. I couldn't imagine a life without spirituality.
Monday 13 February 2017, 21:15:52
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