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Dunn, North Carolina
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Another interesting concept/method of growing crops is NOT weeding.
In other words, you let weeds grow along with your vegetables or fruit trees.
I know a man who went to Brazil to teach this method with success for coffee growing, etc.
He claims weeds attract the harmful insects and they leave your crop alone, thus eliminating the need for pesticides.
There are other advantages I can't recall off-hand
Sunday 12 February 2017, 00:19:53
[deleted user]
I agree leave those weeds alone gardeners.are the same I prefer weeds
Monday 13 February 2017, 11:49:44
yes nature had it right :)
Monday 13 February 2017, 12:17:18
and they are only 'weeds' to humans. in their own way, they are plants with their own purpose!!
Monday 13 February 2017, 19:54:46
Please go to "google translate" and copy and past the following Japanese texts. If the translation doesn't make sense, please let me know.……
Monday 13 February 2017, 20:01:38
[deleted user]
Did anyone know that if a farmer digs out his ditches and streams the waste is considered "Hazardous" and has to be dispose of it in a controlled way. This is due to the high level of chemicals on the land. This is why we have in increase in floods as farmers don't want the hassle or expense.. Madness!!
Monday 13 February 2017, 20:16:07
Thanks Didge. That was interesting reading. I liked 'I began to think that my tongue was being acclimatized.'..thats a good description as any. Even our taste buds get their perceptions messed with....
I remember watching something a few years back about a certain fertilizer and how it was a by-product of chemicals left from the end of WW2, which happened to make grass grow thicker when it was left on it...however, when use on crops, it attracted more pests, hence it needed pesticides and the pesticides caused mould so it required fungacide...and so it goes.
Monday 13 February 2017, 21:02:19
[deleted user]
It's like if you don't act like a gangster then no record deal
Wednesday 15 February 2017, 13:08:09
Matthias M
Yes sad how it goes
Friday 17 February 2017, 20:27:48
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