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PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO READ Hi all, I did mention I think twice about me putting up my paypal email addy so here it is
[email protected] I hope you all agree with me when I say that we all appreciate what Mat and Lula do for us on this site and through this site. They keep us focused, channelled and encouraged doing the things the sleeping will probably never get to hear about and I think as a site of awakened peeps we are not expecting any pats on the back or any acknowledgement it just go,s with the territory and we accept it for what it is. Behind the scenes we have Mat and Lula who in my opinion are the real stars of the show, the real hero,s without them we would have no where to vent our anger, share info on this kind of scale and accuracy and debate till our hearts content whilst been refereed by two lovely peeps with forgiving natures and warm hearts in those troubled times. Without this site and sites like it I could quite easily imagine peeps like us walking the streets with sandwich boards boldly declaring the end is nigh whilst wearing freshly thrown eggs (free range) and in my case probably scaling a roof top, howling at the moon and waking in 8ft x 4ft padded room, wearing one of those special jackets that fasten at the back, strapped to a bed and been spoon fed some liquid cosh (Strawberry flavoured is my favourite) by a female nurse who resembled a Russian shot putter(Those were the days). So its my wish that together we could gift a small donation, nothing much, nothing we would really miss but a little gift off each of us to show that we really do care for all the effort Mat and Lula give freely to us. I truly hope you all agree and all of us as a team can gift a small thank you to our team leaders who work effortlessly and tirelessly behind the scenes and get even less recognition then us. Lets make their day shall we please [email protected]
PS I have done what I mentioned in a earlier post, I have just scanned my paypal account so everything will be upfront, cards on the table for all to see at the end of this week so we know whats gone in, what the total is and were it was sent. I will put a small reminder post in the week for the hard of hearing and I will close this down 5pm UK time 17/02/17 that's this coming Friday Thanking you all in advance Billy
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