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See recent presentation in Italy of free energy technology via [...]

Kings Hill, Kent
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See recent presentation in Italy of free energy technology via the Keshe Foundation. Is this a game changer?
irelands peace keeper
Hi Fiona, i have seen him and i believe he may be a fraud, he has never shown any of these proto types actaully working and his set up is a bit dodgy, he has some scienctific evidence for w=his water cleaner but nothing for his free energy, he was talking about this free energy years ago, the russian arre using plasma technology in their military hard ware and the have a system that that can knock out satalites so maybe he has some of what he says but for the free energy devices he never has proven this well not that i have seen
Saturday 17 October 2015, 21:40:24
Yes ppl say different things about him but anything to do with free energy is generally smeared isn't it. It's worth looking at the presentation in Italy to ambassadors with a demonstration - and many of them took what are claimed to be working units home (3 to China). So it is possible to track whether these are working - and you can now order one yourself :)...There's a lot on his website for the techno literate. I'm open-minded at the moment. The fraudsters may be the people we least expect to be sometimes - while others are easy targets.
Sunday 18 October 2015, 17:43:17
irelands peace keeper
yes this is true and please understand i hope he has free energy and i am for the greater good, i have seen him many times and i started to get uneasy with his statements, a few of his claims just didn,t make sense and i got wary, i then heard him talk about the packages not getting to there destination because he blame the courier company for this, do you know anybody who bought one and if so does it give free energy, i have search the net for to see if anybody has proof but nothing.
Sunday 18 October 2015, 17:50:59
irelands peace keeper
I hope i am wrong but as we must inform of not yjust the good people but also the cons.
Sunday 18 October 2015, 17:51:44
Yes understand what you are saying. There are layers and layers of truths and untruths out there. I think people should be able to contact the ambassadors from countries who accepted the units at the Italy presentation and ask them if they have made them work?
Monday 19 October 2015, 21:14:13
[deleted user]
I believe free energy is real, e.g. magnetic motor… and water fuelled cells... etc. I don't know enough about Keshe but from what I gather, it seems genuine.
Monday 19 October 2015, 22:23:11
irelands peace keeper
i never siad there was no free energy, don,t say i didn,t tell you, also steven greer teel me you believe about thim,
Tuesday 20 October 2015, 22:00:52
[deleted user]
Thanks for the reply. One thing about Steven Greer is that he admits he's a mechanical idiot, that he even needs his wife to operate a video recorder for him. So although he may want to organise bringing about free energy (over unity) devices, he wouldn't know how to make one, and some of them are very simple, such as the magnetic motor in the video above. I guess it says a lot about the cognitive dissonance we all have about free energy and many other things.
Wednesday 21 October 2015, 15:45:50
irelands peace keeper
steven greer is a shill, he is working for the nwo, he is gathering intelligence for them by way of the disclosure projectm
he wants everybody to send him all the free energy devices so they will know who is making what and how well it works, he is a scam.
Wednesday 21 October 2015, 18:44:47
[deleted user]
Some people say that, its difficult to tell, seeing as some of these devices are simple to make. It seems to me that the most difficult thing about free energy devices, is making the decision to make one, because you think you might get into trouble. As you're up against the oil companies and TPTB who don't want it to come out.
Thursday 22 October 2015, 14:35:36
irelands peace keeper
trust me he is a shill.
Thursday 22 October 2015, 21:35:26
[deleted user]
I trust you.
Thursday 22 October 2015, 22:51:50
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