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Hi, I'm Kristine from Columbia, Maryland! I started following Michael [...]

Columbia, Maryland
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Hi, I'm Kristine from Columbia, Maryland! I started following Michael Tellinger on youtube about 4 years ago. Last March I took his Sacred Sites tour in South Africa where I got to meet him and checkout his Ubuntu Village first hand. I've been giving presentations on Ubuntu Contributionism in the Baltimore area.
Deleted User
OK how many people are in the UBUNTU village and where is it?
Wednesday 15 February 2017, 06:31:17
Deleted User
Interesting seems everything related to your profile has to do with FUNDRAISING - LOL 0 why am I not surprised
Wednesday 15 February 2017, 07:28:01
Actually, Janet, there is no information in her profile. Good place to start.
Wednesday 15 February 2017, 16:22:47
Deleted User if you google the profile pic 3 pages of fundraising links. Load the image and remove the head default description. Viola
Wednesday 15 February 2017, 17:22:24
Take screenshots. It keeps people honest.
Wednesday 15 February 2017, 18:04:48
Wednesday 15 February 2017, 18:07:25
Deleted User
I have shortcuts and 130 images and lots of links etc. all the puzzle pieces.
Wednesday 15 February 2017, 18:08:28
Do not see how any of these comments relates to Kristine. She is the first person I met last March when we set up the MD group. She went to SA last year when MT was working on his town.
Wednesday 15 February 2017, 20:50:32
Deleted User
OK Well can she put me in contact with some people living in this village please? I would like to verify it for myself because I've had numerous people tell me there is no village and I believe them if she can supply with contact information I can contact the people and find out for myself. If I know where the village it I could go there and see it for myself because I really don't believe it.
Thursday 16 February 2017, 05:11:43
Angela? That relates to Kristine.
Thursday 16 February 2017, 16:09:35
Rebecca G
So cbos and Janet... I am not clear on why you are so bitter... It seems like such a waste of energy. There is real work to be done to shift our paradigm and to spend time haranguing the people who are trying to do that work seems counter productive. Do you just not believe we can change the paradigm? Or are you afraid that we might? I don't understand...? I know that I have been called to this work... because our current paradigm is destroying life on this planet... I want there to be a planet for my children and grandchildren....and your children and grandchildren. Do you really feel that these kinds of harassments are useful? Just curious... because I find them to be distractions that I am inclined to ignore going forward.
With Love, Light and Unity
Friday 17 February 2017, 05:22:38
Deleted User
Well Ive put in a lot of hard work. You might be too when you open your eyes to the truth. Wake up With love and unity
Friday 17 February 2017, 08:58:00
Deleted User
I also want a better place for my child. That includes not having him fall for scams its a hard lesson to learn and it hurts. Im not bitter Im hurt.
Friday 17 February 2017, 08:59:38
Rebecca, could I refer you to these two pages:… and…. They have to do with how to ask a good question and how to provide a quality answer. I spend a lot of time on that site finding answers to questions about coding (programming). There appears to be a confusion here. The answer to a question of the verification of data presented does not have to do with anything other than the verification of data presented. That question has been asked above and not been answered by the OP (the original poster). To keep a discussion on track, if helps simply if a question asked is answered as it is asked, nothing more, nothing less. This is what makes stackoverflow an excellent environment in which to find answers.
Friday 17 February 2017, 19:04:33
Deleted User
Avoiding the question and making judgements on my personality is actually not cool. With Light Love and Unity. CBos do you notice they keep reverting back the the attack, bitterness accusation? Also bring up attack and harassment claim when confronted with a question. A mentality which is common among abusers to deflect from the truth.
Friday 17 February 2017, 19:46:02
Ad hominem. Logic 101. (…)
Friday 17 February 2017, 20:41:22
I'd just like to share that I've seen footage on Michael Tellinger's youtube channel of his first Ubuntu village. It was very small and he gave a tour of the complex recording it all himself. But it was back when he was still with Louise and all those videos from back then are gone now from his channel. It was so quaint and homely; I wonder what ever did come of it. What an honor to have visited! In unity and compassion to all~
Saturday 18 February 2017, 02:23:02
Kristine B
Michael owns some property that houses the Stone Circle museum, Ubuntu Cafe, and some places he wanted to be backpacker's lodging. Not many people are there, some volunteers and folks who work at the cafe.
Saturday 18 February 2017, 02:32:34
Oh, good. I'm sure the video was of a travelers' lodging. That's so great to hear they're still up and running! Thank you for sharing, Kristine!
Saturday 18 February 2017, 02:36:46
Kristine B
Yeah, the word Village is a bit of a stretch, lol. I wouldn't call it an up and running Ubuntu Community - that's why he's still looking for one small town. I'm sure anyone who wanted to visit or volunteer could contact Emma-Jane at [email protected]
Saturday 18 February 2017, 02:47:15
Kristine B
As far as the comments about fundraising - are you referring to my profile or to Michael trying to raise funds for the Ubuntu home office?
Saturday 18 February 2017, 02:48:42
Deleted User
So you are lying then?
Saturday 18 February 2017, 11:08:38
No she was not lying... I've seen the videos myself. There are not many people there so that town is very slow going.

Does everyone know what a paid internet troll is? They are people paid money to log in to sites like this and cause distractions. A good sign that someone is a troll is the number of posts you will see by that person are way more than anyone else and the content/questions are off-topic, misleading, trying to confuse and cause dissension. Just be mindful of this everyone. Follow truth!!
Saturday 18 February 2017, 14:37:44
Deleted User
I would like to know where the UBUNTU village is because I know of some people who have been there and said there is no UBUNTU village. So if there is as shown on the video. I would like to know exactly where it is and make contact with people living in this village. I have been on this website for a year and I follow things. Like the truth... So if there is a village in real life, not on a video I would like to know.
Saturday 18 February 2017, 15:39:17
Deleted User
And I'm not the only one
Saturday 18 February 2017, 15:39:30
Deleted User
Ad hominem. Logic 101. (…;) again
Saturday 18 February 2017, 15:42:44
Saturday 18 February 2017, 15:47:49
Kristine B
This is what it looks like even though the video is almost four years old:… . When I was there a year ago, Michael was definitely disappointed that it hadn't come along as he would have liked. He cited two reasons: lack of money to continue the projects and lack of reliable volunteers. He is only one man and can't look after the Ubuntu Village at home while spreading the message of Ubuntu abroad. He also needs to tour and lecture to sustain himself. But the Ubuntu movement is bigger than one man. If you belief in the message of Ubuntu Contributionism that's great! Help us! And if not, that's fine too. Do what makes your heart sing.
Monday 20 February 2017, 03:35:54
Yes! No one is being forced or coaxed into financial donation. If you don't resonate with the projects the Ubuntu monies go to, then don't donate/volunteer. But it's very clear, even in the repulsed Facebook post shared above, that Ubuntu expenses are made public so that all donators can find out exactly how their donations are being utilized. I'm thankful for the many valuable insights here!
Monday 20 February 2017, 03:45:31
Deleted User
Yes I agree and you would have to be a special kind of stupid
Monday 20 February 2017, 04:23:38
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