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How does this stand to you?…
[deleted user]
Good one PP you pressed all my buttons. This is exactly what I thought would happen a total rebuild of the legal and citizens rights from the ground up. Okay could they guarantee a yes for brexit well easily I think. The reason they know it won't be opposed is because 53% of people voted for it. I won't go on I will only upset some folk. lol
Wednesday 15 February 2017, 22:41:44
[deleted user]
I watched this before bed last night but need to watch it again. So much to take in and comprehend. This guy is an absolute legend. We need people like him. As if he read that 90 page document 4 or 5 times over ha. What a guy and I thank him for being as detail orientated/observational as he is.
Thursday 16 February 2017, 06:25:09
[deleted user]
It seams to me, that BREXIT is imaginary real, everything stay in the same place and companies that have agreements on the paper with other companies out side of Britain continue to work as usual and people go about their daily living. So where is significants of the mater? Why it is important and to who? Does population get placebo affect about imaginary real change? Seams to me that England is overcrowded and overpopulated to the point where they can not survive with out world outside borders anyway To close the borders would mean starvation. So few nuts creating this blah blah on the media to get everyones attention to create illusion of significance of leadership. Yeah now on the paper will stay different symbols, but food has to arrive as usual from where is grown, there is no miracle about it. and peoples life have no changes whats how ever , but they talk about it exposed by media and it seams real in peoples heads. that is a perfect example when few people create stories to talk about and no one has to do with it anything, How it effects people? It just changed subject of meaningless talks. ...Ore I do not understand significance of BREXIT event and need some one to explain me how it change any ones life?
Thursday 16 February 2017, 11:15:58
[deleted user]
Yes life will go on in or out. However what kind of life and who will benefit. The Human Rights Bill will be abolished in the UK things like minimum wages will be abolished. Most modern work practices were revolutionize by Europe, Health and Safety at work came from the EU clean beaches etc. A new Paradigm will be establish based on the Brexit vote inward looking and bad for most of us . As for being over crowded in Great Britain I can tell you there are more acres of golf courses than houses for people to live in. I personally believe it was a tragedy we could not make the EU work and the blame falls to all of us for it is the people who must get up off their backsides and make stuff happen..
Thursday 16 February 2017, 18:14:01
[deleted user]
By overcrowd I mean, if you take number that lives over there and mas of land you need to grow what standard supermarket consumes It just don't fit. I wonder if there is land that are not some ones property? I have a doubts about food sustainability in Britain that one is scary even more when more immigrants flowing in. I don't understand how millions of people migrate in and there is no shortages on food, supermarkets work as usual. Well when people somewhere make decisions over our heads I am not interested to hear that drama love and BREXIT with EU I wonder how it is that no one make any decisions locally by them selfs? It is like . Santa was arguing with elf and presents to the kids are too late ... In observe able reality, no one of us have anything to say. We just get informed and they help us chowing it emotionally to accept and swallow as some kind imaginary real reality . Look this person say this and this costume say that and there for dear tax cows we do some arrangements in closure. The fact that people talk about ii gives illusion that we decide a nation by few duds who "represent " us. We just a crowd object to rhetoric manipulations. We differ from cows , because for cows you don't need to explain shit, you just move them according your farming plans and people have something to talk about from the screen. I get paranoia that group of people they just shoveling papers and seen on screens around to get gradually our acceptance and when we resist, they stop and we relax and they move forward manufacturing consent. That is the way I see politics. We need to start cooperate beyond violent mobs will.
Gradually take over means of production of necessities for life restore living with out influence of money.

How it is that you have to pay just because you exist? Earn to spend and to give to your master that what money is. With out money there is no way to collect tax We need exchange our living time for time for service that we need. In other words just help each other out for free and cooperate on what ever we need. But there was a Jew that had a coin and another Jew that give boos for that coin. That is how greed and fear come to us and business is nothing else then normal human relationships sold and bought for money. History = his story everything we know is toughed by same group of people that farming us. Small group of people harvesting our attempt to survive, they harvesting our greed and fear.
Thursday 16 February 2017, 20:19:22
[deleted user]
I agree Sylvester well said. We need a movement of the people to devolve wealth back to the people and first on the agenda is time, work less spend more time developing our lives and taking care of our homeland and the Earth we live on. Sit round the fire more talk and create we should all share this world enjoy every inch of it. How about just doing it .
Thursday 16 February 2017, 21:55:42
[deleted user]
I would like to do something that is good for me in a way that it is also good for my family and community and country and humanity as whole and it should be good for now tomorrow few weeks month years and next generations. But I don't have family, neighbors already know me as a crazy with the Jesus syndrome and there is no sense of community, everyone try to persuade their own $ interest gladly for some one else expanse. I succeed to get my neighbors together for a few moments smiling at each other in my presence in peace, but I also know that when I am not there ... paranoia kicks in and they hate each other secretly suspecting, that when some one does something that other did not like, they do it on purpose to be bad. ;O)

I wonder how is your experience with people around you? Do you try to reach them out some how? I try to just be together for a short time, smile, support them in what they do and let them know I am here. I can feel their appreciation and they tell me thankful things, but their own hearts deep frozen by bitterness that competitive life produce. I want them not just smile to me back, but try to be good with each other. I am afraid to do something that would bring people together, because that would bring conflict among them, it is like fear to leave kids alone. I see that loneliness hurts everyone and at the same time fear for conflict made daily living organized in a way that you do not need to talk with any one in order to get around. There is no stay in cue-lines instead you get paper with number and you approach when your number lightens up. There is no how to talk in the laundry rum there is booking time table. and when people go home to watch the screen everything seams either bad or wrong.
Ones I ask a guy about his divorce, was he fighting a lot with his ex? and he say no we have rules for everything so it is not so much to talk about it. No wildness, no sudden inner impulse, no affection by friendliness, I feel like suffocated from life... But I have you to tell what is on my heart with hope to have empathy and understanding in order to go on strong. Thanks for that.
Friday 17 February 2017, 13:45:38
[deleted user]
What I feel is missing is a common goal for our communities. This constant fight for survival is draining us of compassion. Don't be to dis heartened about responses it is natural to be cautious of other people. You mention others maybe being scared away by your faith. We talked before about being conscious of living to much in the spiritual realms and not allowing the physical world into your life. I believe a balance is necessary. Most people fear fear what they don't understand and never more so than when religious views are presented to them. I myself follow a Pagan spirituality but I am now very careful how I present this. Lots of people due to indoctrination think I am a devil worshiper or worst. I love the teachings of Jesus but don't sub scribe to the Roman version of Christianity.

It actually took me a long time during my life to realize how far out my thinking was. I always thought everyone thinks like this but they don't. So my advice is be a bit more guarded and don't expect as much from people when you first meet them take it slow. Above all else learn to love yourselves for who you are.
Friday 17 February 2017, 19:43:30
[deleted user]
I see religion as cultivation of humanness we get better at what we practice. I see love as willingness to care, to contribute, to help as real observe able thing and us all as a fruits of love. God is a fiction created by people as a tool ore means to guide ones life in harmony. Everyone I know religious people agree that God is one it just by different cultures different professional God lovers there is different religions as a way to practice spirituality. Humans mind seeking shelter safety in some kind of authority of knowledge and it is always a bit to late from the flow of real present time observe able reality. One can not surf by manual written on paper, one adjust as it go to what is coming. God is a man made fiction and if one would like to find real God then one have to destroy fiction, destroy something that for sure is not. I like Yoga you do as you see and you feel results very practical no need to talk much except how to not injure yourself. Religion is a good guidance to live and love and everything that is not tender care usually is weakness of man even if one is professional God lover. We are people sin full not perfect, ones who are best of us lets say champions of decent living either it is Jesus ore Hussein ore Mohamed ore even made up characters to follow. We can draw stars for others to seek. The absolutely best and most effective way, that I know, to cultivate truthfulness, benevolence and forbearance is to practice Falun Dafa… you can find real miracle changes in your body health mind (Warning! it is forbidden by communist party of China) Thank you for tips to be aware that people see the world in their own unique way. The way I see world is so obvious to me, that is difficult to imagine that some one can possibly see differently then me and if they do, they are definitely "wrong" ha ha ha ;O)
Grandma ask her grand child: are you was sleeping well, did you see any dreams at night? Child was very surprised by grandma's question: - Grandma , why are you asking you was right there in my dream, don't you remember?
So I guess we all are able to agree only up on observe able reality that we all can witness. Eat, poop, sleep and have each other that is the only thing that we truly need to cooperate on, instead of accepted imaginary.
Saturday 18 February 2017, 10:46:14
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