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hello, I have a few great ideas as to how to [...]

Omaha, Nebraska
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I have a few great ideas as to how to quite literally "ground" in these higher vibrations into the physical 3D reality through a series of gardening projects. Take the chemicals out of the foods and put attention back on being kind to each other and the Earth. I am writing this because I have yet to find people that understand how make this shift happen, they all just seem to see this end result where everyone is holding hands and full of love. We do this by systematically embracing what is being rejected by the current system to create a new one. In other words, we accept the under dogs which in any case we have all been one. The 99% is a lot greater than the 1%. If my logic is correct then we should have a pretty big team as long as we unite over what we can agree on rather than our differences being thrown in our faces every day by the media.
For example, I have this idea I call Geri's Garden. It is my understanding that there are going to be cuts to Social Security and Medicare. I also realize that we are about to have a lot of elderly people from the Baby Boomer generation and no real plan to help take care of them. I have a great idea that can lead us into a new way of being PRO-active instead of RE-active. Geri’s Garden is an idea based on an exchange of services (or something along those lines). By utilizing the yard space of the elderly, they will have access to fresh, organic fruits and vegetables to promote immune system health and ease the already stressed, financial burden. They will also be provided with lawn mowing in the summer and snow removal in the winter. The garden will provide them with security in knowing that someone cares and a renewed sense of purpose to be a part of something bigger. The excess produce can then be used to help other areas that are being effected financially. For example, this could be partnered with The People’s City Mission to help cut food costs, public schools within the neighborhoods to help with the lunch programs. Maybe it could be sold at a farmer’s market to help cover costs? I’m not 100% sure how to go about doing this and this where I need help putting this idea together. Would this be a non-profit? I’m not sure, but I do know we can do something and help so many without relying on too much government assistance. There has got to be a way to cover costs of the water bill to have the garden and a way to pay employees or possibly work with city missions to show people staying there valuable skills and get some kind of reference for future employment. I know I hope that when my parents begin to age, there would be a more solid support system in place providing a more stable sense of security. We need to bring back the sense of community and taking the time to know your neighbors and respect the resources that we have. Just imagine if every city in every state did this or even the world! We are all going to get old and we need to put the focus back on to how we can help each other and not how much more we have than someone else.
This movement does not have to stop at the elderly. This idea can be carried through to anyone that is dependent on government assistance. Instead of making people that need help feel like they are worthless or less-than by saying hurtful things and trying to act like it isn’t an issue; maybe we should come together and help take care of each other instead? This could be the beginning of a beautiful way to bring back a strong sense of morale and community we seem to have forgotten.
I really hope this message gets through the way I am intending it to. I try to tell people and they just don't really seem to get what I'm saying and most of the time give me a response along the lines as to where to buy shovels or seeds on sale, when I really want to know organizations to contact about getting a system in place because this way of thinking is the answer to catalyzing the shift. I am not a very good gardener, but I am a good person. I can see how this could change the collective consciousness without triggering the ego aspects that cause cognitive dissonance. I know we can get this movement going by systematically embracing what is being rejected by the current system to create a new one.
Baard Anders L
Hallo! Thank you for sharing your great ideas! I think the Geri´s Garden idea will work and do good in many ways. I also have a few ideas, like starting a non profit community bakery. And rebuilding and old small farm next to an elementary school, so that the pupils can be educated in farming and also help provide food at low cost for the community. I actually hope to get support for this ideas at my county´s office, I may be naive, but I think all have to do with how I introduce it. I would like to say that all my ideas come from the attitude that "if it´s positive for all, it´s worth doing".
So thank you for your inspiration, and lot´s of good luck with the projects! I guess if we keep focusing on and working for, and visioning this future, it will happen
Thursday 16 February 2017, 10:42:17
Ronnie D
It's a great Idea! I live in the Miller Park area of Omaha and am trying to get my neighborhood to be interested in this.
Friday 17 February 2017, 10:08:07
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