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We know it too well, but ......“The role of governments [...]

Casares, Andalucía
via The Full Circle Project
We know it too well, but ......“The role of governments in shaping the future of their citizens has never been as important as it is today.” discussed.…
For research purposes (and the chill factor!) adding these reports available as pdf's from our friends at the World Government Summit site…
The " State of Positive Education" report is especially thrilling for those unfamiliar with this Globe-Think as ".Research has shown that character traits +
well-being are malleable or 'skill-like' and
can be improved with good teaching and
practice.." Can't wait for our children to be well- malle-abled even more...
Sunday 19 February 2017, 09:21:18
We don't need the governments as we know them. Communist China as well as Cambodia under Khmer Rouge are experiments for the New World Order. Their keywords are "sustainability," "global," etc.
Peaceful communities instead of governments and the UN. Nonetheless, we have the security issue because over 10% of humans are born psychopaths and need to be monitored for their entire lives.
Sunday 19 February 2017, 13:02:23
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