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Did anyone get a message from the universe on the [...]

Swindon, Swindon
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Did anyone get a message from the universe on the 12th February about the future coming. I'm not very good at this social media stuff, perhaps somebody could help me get this message out there to the right people.
The only message I got on the 12th was an email message "your bill is now ready to pay, so pay up or we'll send the stormtroopers round." What a funny old world we live in.
Sunday 19 February 2017, 16:15:41
Do you fee like the awakening is becoming stronger and we are building a mirror of ourselves
Sunday 19 February 2017, 17:20:17
I'll talk about what's happening on the ground in the 'real world.' Yes the awakening is happening but at a snails pace as far as I'm concerned.
Sunday 19 February 2017, 18:49:41
Brother Phillpots remember the tail about the Tortoise and the Hare
Sunday 19 February 2017, 20:50:51
Sure do - is it like this?…
Sunday 19 February 2017, 20:54:22
Your getting the hang of it, now I am going to read a good horror to help me sleeeeeeeep bye brother
Sunday 19 February 2017, 20:57:50
Good Night. Don't let the bed bugs bite.
Sunday 19 February 2017, 20:59:29
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