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Warriors, we are at war. Sean in conversation with our [...]

Casares, Andalucía
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Warriors, we are at war. Sean in conversation with our friend Stefan Verstappen…
Its the network of global corporate control (NGCC). What else could it be? The world is corporate and it will continue to be until we wake up to the controlled corporate media thrown at us and we have the ability to disseminate it. If/when we did wake up we could ask many many +++++ questions like 'where does money come from' to start off with. Are they elite parasites? They are.

Why do you print money out of thin air and control me by paying government 'soldiers' and high priests (so called judges) to place me in order. Well I suppose I do not consent to you because of your fraud. Simple as that.

parasite (n.)
1530s, "a hanger-on, a toady, person who lives on others," from Middle French parasite (16c.) or directly from Latin parasitus "toady, sponger," and directly from Greek parasitos "one who lives at another's expense, person who eats at the table of another," from noun use of an adjective meaning "feeding beside," from para- "beside" (see para- (1)) + sitos "food," of unknown origin. Scientific meaning "animal or plant that lives on others" is first recorded 1640s (implied in parasitical).…
Monday 20 February 2017, 23:37:18
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