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FAQ no 2) UBUNTU Contributionism Who is going to shovel [...]

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FAQ no 2) UBUNTU Contributionism

Who is going to shovel the crap?

Answer: The good news about human passion and the variety of things that interest people is, that for every budding Michelangelo or Leonardo da Vinci, there are a thousand crazy young scientists who are equally passionate about chemistry and solving the sewage situation. They know how to turn raw sewage in to compost, clean water, energy and other things we have not discovered yet because it is not financially viable. Once we let these great minds loose and allow them to play in their laboratories they will deliver many great discoveries. I mentioned EM (Effective Microorganisms) earlier, which is an example of a natural purification method that can solve many urgent problems within days. So, by the time the sewage leaves our homes, it will be converted in to many beneficial things that will beautify our gardens and improve our lives, so that nobody will have to shovel the crap.

From a slightly different perspective, shoveling the crap is our way of highlighting the hierarchy of a capitalistic society. The lower paid people are made to do the jobs that the snobs in ivory towers shy away from, like cleaning toilets, sweeping the streets, removing garbage. They pay others to do that because they have money, which is merely an expression of our ego and those who do such jobs are looked down upon by those who earn more money. In UBUNTU communities everyone is equal and there is no hierarchy created by money. Everyone in the community is required to do community work. This will include sweeping the streets and keeping public places clean, among many other activities. No one will be looked down upon – it is the strength of the UBUNTU community, and not the weak link in society, which it has become today.

Everyone chooses their own Labour of Love to contribute for 3 hours per day for five days of the week – and an additional 3 hours per week in any of the community projects. The rest of the time people can do what they want – following their many other passions and giving expression to their creativity. Because many people have many passions, and in a free society, people will develop many new skills and passions that they will participate in. The answer is that everyone will have to shovel the crap as part of what they do for their community - but everyone will also get to eat the caviar.

In love & unity
Michael Tellinger…
Thanks. Michael and in a society where everyone has self respect and therefore respect for others, they will not throw trash on the street.
Tuesday 21 February 2017, 16:56:41
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