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I don't know if any of you are familiar with [...]

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I don't know if any of you are familiar with Bashar, channeled by Darryl Anka for 30 years. You might enjoy what he is telling us about our future. He correctly told us of the World Trade Center attack. It is documented. find him on You tube. He says " in the fall of 2016 , prior to our election, EVERYTHING CHANGES"!! I see it as a positive thing and im really excited about it!
Bashar is an ET that came from our future to help us make the transition into the 4th density. He is a Contact Specialist and his father was before him. You have to hear what he says to understand why im convinced he is the real deal. His messages and help are just amazing! He is in his ship over Sadona right now and has been for sometime. They are pumping positive energy onto the earth to raise our consciousness,. Im going to Las Vegas in Nov to hear and experience him. They say you can feel his higher vibration.…
I will say that it is wise to use your discernment when listening to channels like this. Bashar has a great message but some of the things he said about Hybrid children and such really really disturbed me. It's very probable that like most other ETs interacting with Earth that he has his own agenda which he is trying to push forward. It also should be noted that it is incredibly difficult for any channels to get through the Archon grid around Earth so there may be some collusion between the Essossani which are said to be a hybrid project of the Greys, who are known to associate with the Draco. It seems weird that they would allow Bashar's message to spread for 30 some odd years while most other channels are put under constant psychic attacks. As always use your own discernment and don't accept anyone as a "Guru" even if they are from a higher density.
Wednesday 21 October 2015, 17:55:50
[deleted user]
I've never accepted anyone as a Guru. I think what he has to say is interesting , but I don't see him or anyone as a Guru. I have very keen discernment skills and read people and situations accurately most of the time. I think the fact that he told us not to fear the Cabal and that they don't have as much power as they want us to believe , says something about him. He says the only " power" they have is through the media and disinformation leading U.S. To believe they can do things they can't actually do. If we believe it, we just gave that power to them. He says not to fear them not to feed them and give them our power. As far as Hybrids....he is coming from I believe 300 years in our future . They consider themselves as family because they did use our DNA when their species were dying. . They are here to help us. Now , like I said, I think it's interesting, but I don't believe anything 100%. I find his talks very helpful and give great relief to me. He said they have stopped missiles from being fired, nuclear weapons destroyed with electromagnetic fields. They scramble the codes and reset them. He said there will be no nuclear war because it effects their existence too. So they have put them out of Commision.
Wednesday 21 October 2015, 20:19:23
[deleted user]
Wednesday 21 October 2015, 20:20:49
[deleted user]
I thank you for your input and will keep it in mind. As for the Archons, they are not as powerful as our pre existing Creator. Let's not forget God is still in control of things here. I don't acknowledge them nor do I give them power over me. I have a free will and it is my God given birth right. I'm not going to be defeated by any Archon just because there has been information put out that they are more powerful than God. I think much of those stories are disinformation to steal our power from us and keep us slaves to an idea.
Wednesday 21 October 2015, 20:29:50
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