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Dallas, Texas
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[deleted user]
This is Benjamin Fulfords latest update on what is happening behind the scene in the GOV. Ben is a Journalist that use to work for Forbes I think. He has very good contacts and updates once a month on behind the scene in the governments around the world.
Monday 19 October 2015, 01:42:43
As long as someone says that the US Army is in function of good intentions I can't take that person for informed any more.
Monday 19 October 2015, 07:42:53
[deleted user]
I know the US Government is corrupt. The people here are awakening to that everyday. They are being dismantled though.
Monday 19 October 2015, 17:27:42
[deleted user]
We have very high officials working silently to take them out if what im reading is true. We are suppose to have a HUGE CHANGE in the fall of next year prior to our election. What you see from this country is the Cabal at work. They have been running our country. Its being run as a Corporation not a country founded on the Constitution. We wont let our country be taken from us.
Monday 19 October 2015, 17:31:26
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