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Can anyone in the US tell me where I can [...]

Dallas, Texas
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Can anyone in the US tell me where I can find the actual Law that we have to pay Taxes? Someone is offering 100,000 to anyone who can find a law that says we have to pay taxes. Some whistleblowers from the IRS say there is no law and they stopped paying them when they found it out. Thats why huge Corps don't pay them. Because they know they don't have to. I can't find that law anywhere. After all....the Cabal owns the IRS. They created it and run it. The Federal Reserve and Nasa. The United States Post Office is not a Government owned agency either.
You are right. Once the illegal corporate constitution of the USA was signed and passed in 1871, it made DC a corporation. The rest of the USA does not belong to the illegal 1871 corporate constitution. So that makes the IRS illegal, and every law (British Admirality Law) which our courts use. If you find this law that states that we do not have to pay taxes, let me know.
Tuesday 20 October 2015, 02:48:28
[deleted user]
Ive been looking everywhere and have others looking but nothing yet! Ive heard some people say they have a form somewhere that you can send in stating you no longer will pay and if you don't hear from them in 10 days you are free of paying them. they don't want it publicized in fear of the masses finding out.
Tuesday 20 October 2015, 03:06:31
I suggest too envision the IRS being dismantled ,,,which is happening if one is able to read between the lines ,,thinking seeing whilst feeling happy the gov without parasites ,,,removing parasites from within,,is my rx
Tuesday 20 October 2015, 05:20:53
[deleted user]
I am reading between the lines too Solarone. We are going to see some unbelievable changes in the next two years. Bashar says the highest probability is in the Fall of 2016 prior to our Election, EVERYTHING CHANGES" Full disclosure is suppose to come from a Government source that is unexpected. The Taxation system and Federal Reserve will be completely revamped with honest people and the whole population will benefit. He said other things as well. Don't know if you follow Bashar or not. Hes remarkable!
Tuesday 20 October 2015, 15:02:03
its the ultimate cosmic humor ,,,,we've been tempering ourselves to handle the power of creator ship as those dark ones have played quite a powerful role of awakening timely fashion .
Tuesday 20 October 2015, 21:58:20
Hi ya Peyton . I have visited with the energy s of Bashar and see it as a lovely version of Me ,,lol,,,,,,I postulate that with all these changes unfolding on the outside ,,,we all here at prepare for change notice many of the same inequities and if one self reflects and is breathing mindfully one would see correlations to how the ego and soul are merging , how the heart is steering the mental energy, how the soul star energy is merging in the cellular structure , mind , emotions
, more light,,more energy more merging with pure potential of Parana unlimited energy source inside not outside the self ,,as above in our soul star as below on earth we all birth the new earth for we are all ONE.
Tuesday 20 October 2015, 22:00:30
[deleted user]
Very well said and thank you for that
Wednesday 21 October 2015, 20:00:00
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