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In the FCP Symposium #2 posted to you Tube 15 [...]

Waratah West, New South Wales
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In the FCP Symposium #2 posted to you Tube 15 October, Louise read out a question from an Australian listener who asked if the Chemtrail disaster was happening here in Oz. Just wanted to reply to that.
I have been personally been chronicling chemtrails and spider web skies for over a year now, both with still photos and some video also in the Newcastle region. Whilst I cannot say for certainty if it is happening across the country that would be impossible for me to say, the incidence of chemtrails has ramped up in Newcastle. There is also a group on facebook Melbourne Geoengineering Watch I think they are called, who are active in bringing awareness to what is going on in Melbourne.
Without being too critical of that caller who spoke to Louise, I have to say that you either live in an unaffected area, or you don't look up often enough. I recommend anyone who lives in Australia, and if you have access to the internet to go onto You Tube and search chemtrails in Australia and you will finds loads of examples captured by everyday individuals.
Be aware and be vigilant
Cheers and much love
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