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Hi! Just a suggestion. Why are you not doing this [...]

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Hi! Just a suggestion. Why are you not doing this meditation same time as the Syria refugee -based meditation which was announced at porta2012??
It is still an active meditation timing, and I suppose many are doing it, so why not join every possible effort to the same grid of consciousness (which means it has to happen at the same time on Earth). Thanks You!…
:: "You can check the time of the meditation for your time zone here:"…
"Therefore the Light forces have requested that we keep holding the focus and do this meditation daily at the same time (7 pm Central European Summer Time) until the situation is stabilized further.

Those who feel guided to participate can find instructions here:"
Energy Kool
Because this is NOT a meditation. This is something anybody can do and is participating during 24 hours with the EYES OPEN but only moving the pin location as a clearly declared intent for the Peace in this area. Got it? Please read the instructions in the description. Thank you for your comment.
Saturday 24 October 2015, 00:45:32
Thank you for the answer. I myself meditate on the move also, and during the day, whenever I feel somehow intended to do so. I have felt that during the set times for group meditations it is about 50% easier to connect to the visualization, it's my way. I suggest that anyone can meditate whenever where ever and for the good cause, any positive cause. But with the 'mass meditations' at the same time it is much more efficient. Let's say at a certain hour everyone begins.
Friday 30 October 2015, 21:21:04
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