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Bregi, Primorsko-goranska županija
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this man has been called all sorts of names. lunatic especially. but his not neither of that. what he is ? he knows. that is who he is.
Saturday 24 October 2015, 09:01:49
Always great info from david icke!! I tell you my friend what I have seen in the night sky about three years ago! Im not shure what time it was but it was getting dark, when I look up onto the so called sky I have seen a crack or a cut ( not a straigt line it was more like a crack in a sealing) in the sky and there was bright light penetrating through the crack. The way I like to explain is like the sky was like a projection on a canvas or something like that, and there was bight lite from the other side penetrating through. I tried taking a picture but nothing came up on the photo, and this light slowly faded away in about half an hour! If anyone can explain what this was I would like to know!! Thanks Janta for the info!
Saturday 24 October 2015, 14:08:36
you tuned robi to different frequency. most likely because you think very much of all kinds possibilities and going tru difrent knoledge harvestiing.
Saturday 24 October 2015, 14:54:18
we are not humans robi. that is just one of endless experiences what we had have. but because ther is no time all thous experiences are in this moment. that is way in your dreams you can look on to this moment which we call past or future. and you will have it forever. what you see are just decoded frequencies that your energy field transform to reality. but reality itself is just one tiny way how your energy field expresses his self because his connected to all others energy fields that exists. and their number is infinite. that is way all realities are paradises. and when energy field starts to understand that there is enormity of information available to meet with, then it will not stay in realms that he already explored. he will instantly became willing to move beyond what he already met to unseen and to new experiences. you will see flashes of light, all sorts of shadows, you will feel all kinds of presence around you, you will see something and next moment is gone.....................all sort of staff.....................but what is you who want more to find. and that you then create. because like i sad here for many many times.................our thoughts are just one way of constructing reality.and that is way is important beyond believe what kind of thoughts you will have. you will manifest that what you thinking about in an instant because 10 fictional years are this same moment. because we say for that process....its thinking...................but its focus of your energy field to different energy's. it depends what you like or dont like. it depends of moment of creation of your energy field and to what specific energy situation he decided to evolve in. we call that stars alignments, moon or son positions, planets positions........ and so one. what we describing are endless manifestations of endless energy field dancing with each other.
Saturday 24 October 2015, 15:38:45
Thanks for all your knowledge and insight my friend.
Saturday 24 October 2015, 16:26:48
incredible to say................but you are me robi and i am you and there are no space between us. one field which expresses differently. the greatest play of all. all the best on your farm
Saturday 24 October 2015, 17:02:22
yes it is incredible we are all conected! our reality would be so different if we all new this! keep spreding your wisdom my friend!!
Sunday 25 October 2015, 06:21:05
Janta can tell someone about what i told you............but its to that someone to have a will to see what he will do with that. see robi.....................all this is happening even without anyone knowing that and all of us are all that without knowing that. you cant not be that. there is no way to not be that. but.................what kind of reality wold we produce if we know that what i told you? but its up to each of us to comprehend this. why? because each of us is creator of everything and his own creation comes from his own will about what he want to to with it. each of us has all the keys..............but you will not know that and what that means before you became aware of that robi. and no one can teach you how to be aware of yourself. see.....that is the trick in this play. and that is way the most horrible play some collective can produce, play in which everyone killing everyone, no one understand nothing, complete dis balance in each thing, wars all over the place................ for someone who is aware that that is just a grand of sand of possibility of production and also that that kind of reality also have all potential in it....................he will look to all that chaos like something completely different. he will not see a chaos in that. he will see in that what he will see in each possible reality. because he knows that he is all that realities.
Sunday 25 October 2015, 08:12:57
see.once a pandora box is open to see interconnection with everything. because that is how everything is.
Sunday 25 October 2015, 08:15:37
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