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Hello and welcome to your Full Circle Project status feed. [...]

Eastbourne, East Sussex
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Hello and welcome to your Full Circle Project status feed.
Ildiko B
Sunday 24 May 2015, 19:23:15
Ildiko B
Thank You
Sunday 24 May 2015, 19:23:25
thank you for your so glad to be a part of it.
Wednesday 3 June 2015, 12:19:05
Ray J Savage
Great to finally be part of something that will be a vehicle for much change.
Tuesday 9 June 2015, 15:33:38
good work mat, really nice looking website, I hope good things come of it. ....
Tuesday 16 June 2015, 18:25:07
Hi Mat, wonderful website! Much gratitude and thanks. Looking forward to connecting with people and to exploring possibilities. Love to you and all those getting involved.
Tuesday 16 June 2015, 23:29:58
Mat Dowle
Thank you Ironheart. I see you are only 17 miles from me so we should really meet up sometime. Getting away from the computer and meeting in person is what it's all about.
Thursday 18 June 2015, 10:27:46
Ditto that matt.
Monday 22 June 2015, 22:44:41
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