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Hi all, I am looking for advice from this community [...]

Bordeaux, Aquitaine-Limousin-Poitou-Charentes
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Hi all, I am looking for advice from this community and I think my interrogations are shared by many and your answers could therefore be usefull to the community.

I'm certain that most of you (we'll soon be 3k on this network) have not had any direct empirical evidence through personal experience of the information and theories presented in Cobra's articles or by any other whistleblower (e.i. Corey Goode) out there. Therefore, like myself, you probably possess a highly open mind and have joined out of faith perhaps, or because you felt intuitively that it resonated true... The Event remains an hypothetical possibility and the fact that the timeline is undefined (1 month, 1 year, 10 years?) makes it even harder!

So, how do you introduce anyone to these topics without having to say it's probably fictional!? Which if it is, it's one of the most imaginative fiction in the world! That in itself is a good argument for the validity of the material, but not sufficient for a skeptical mind. That being said, it's hard to convince someone that there's a theory stating that he has a "plasma attachement" on his etheric body and that it probably is artificial intelligence!

I personaly had some experiences with Astral traveling that made me aware of a greater reality, so I'm opened to these new concept and I can't say it's false unless proven so... But for most people, the reality gap is immense! This all sounds like crazy talk! And I know a lot of you are aware of that, so how do we go from there? How do we get more people involved? Perhaps some coming event (E.T. Disclosure) will help opening up people's mind about a probable greater reality? But, for the time being, we can't count on that!

Please feel free to give your input! Or perhaps, share some personal experiences that helped you open up to a greater reality?
Energy Kool
I feel it is you, me, anybody here, we all creating the Event, we are co-creators. We together can do wonder changes in the whole world. We can manifest. If united, at a planetary level. Energies will come to support us each time we express our intent with clarity and unite to co-create. In my honest opinion I feel that the Event is already taking place. You only need to know where to look. But this is my own perspective.

I cannot find a simpler answer to your legitimate doubts but I hope it answers to some degree. Maybe I could add to question everything. If it vibrates with you take it. If not, leave it. Also could be helpful if you use your inner discernment and high frequency sensitivity for this. <3
Wednesday 28 October 2015, 13:48:13
Rosa de Vénus
Hi DDA. Your issues are interesting indeed. Thanks for bringing here these questions. So, let's simplify. I am portuguese and you are, supposedly, american or british. I can only communicate with you if I write this message in english. So, when you approach to other people to talk about this subjects, you must talk in the language they can hear and understand you. If you are in front of a person that is sceptical, you need to push the right buttons and tell him/her what is immediately recognizable to their field of acceptance and comprehension. Some are more materialistic, so you need to talk with them about the material consequences that such Event will produce. Those more spiritualists, you can talk about your astral experiences, etc. No matter what level you are dealing, everything is a shared experience. Doesn't matter the judgments that may come when what you done, you done in complete sense of yourself and respecting those surrounding you: Everyone has their right time to awake and You have all the right to be in Peace with everyone, mainly with yourself.
With Love, RV
Wednesday 28 October 2015, 14:24:30
Rosa de Vénus
@All Lightworkers: You don't have the mission to convince no one, but Be yourself in balance to consciously integrated the Source frequency in total synchronicity in your life.
Wednesday 28 October 2015, 14:24:40
Great question and Great answer :)
Wednesday 28 October 2015, 14:50:57
nothing to add☺shine and hope to be a role modle ♥
Wednesday 28 October 2015, 15:29:06
I read once that a Lightworker is strategically positioned to be a lighthouse wherever he is. It doesn't mean you must gather followers. To me, it means that our example (the way we deal with freedom, the way we get rid of expectations and start changing our own lives) light a fire inside each and everyone around us. There will come a time when they will come for you and ask for answers.. and you'll have them. At this point they will believe what you say.
Wednesday 28 October 2015, 15:34:39
Light and Love, my friend! We all go through similar experiences! <3
Wednesday 28 October 2015, 15:35:22
Great perspectives friends, thanks for your input! I totally agree with the co-creating model and do try to use my discernement when talking to friends about this stuff. And most importantly, as it has been mentionned, we don't need to convince anyone, being the change is enough! Great advices! I should mention that it also feels good to be able to discuss ,through this interface, with like minded people! Love and light to all! P.S. I'm canadian and currently live in France, but we're all one, it's a detail !
Wednesday 28 October 2015, 17:38:55
DDA, feel free to send me emails, messages. I love exchanging experiences with you all! I'm sure you make a difference where you are.
Wednesday 28 October 2015, 17:41:20
Mat Dowle
I think what Energy Kool says is important... I think we are co-creating the event. In my opinion, it is important that we don't just sit back and wait for "The Event" to happen. ACTION is needed from us to make it happen. Not just meditating, but stepping out into our communities and doing good actions. It is only my opinion, but I think if we all just wait for this "Event" to come along and save us, nothing will happen, we need to lead by example and show others what it is to be the change through our own actions.
Wednesday 28 October 2015, 20:51:06
[deleted user]
So, how do you introduce anyone to these topics without having to say it's probably fictional!?

Probe a bit to find out where they, this individual currently are swimming…..then take them in a little deeper, not to deep, let them get used to the knew area, then further….keep going. There are going to be many folks many folks who have not a Clue, who don’t know how to swim, NEVER even been in the water….. and thats OK.

In this consciousness of awakening, everyone is on
“their own trip” or swimming in their own area of Awakening or knowledge of. Free will lets us Swim where you like, Absorbing, everyone doesn’t like the high dive or the deep end a or it takes longer to get their for “whatever reasons”.

In this Puzzle of, it is the pieces that completes the whole. When we step back and look, some areas are clear some still fuzzy. “Focus” on the pieces that fit and seem clear, “get them to be clearer ”. Keep looking till the puzzle starts to grow & make more sense, solve & move on. If a Area is hard to absorb, work on another area that “resonates for you” or whom ever.

The Pieces are the Evidence, the proof, to build/move the puzzle with-in you forward. The reason folks have a hard time with stuff is their Belief or programming held with in them. This is why “seeing is believing” is said. The belief door with in man “CAN NOT” open or shift if their is “NO PONDER” of a thought, whether it is “fictional or not”. It is the thinking pondering that brings one to a truth from discernment.

There is NO WAY….IM TELLING YOU… NO WAY, when you have this fire inside your brain from programming or whatever instantly, then this belief door or truth door with in you, whether it is true or not become dogmatic and your ego refuses to solve the puzzle and puts a lock on that ponder door…. You Stagnate which diverts the solving of the puzzle or understanding the truth of us or yourself.

For my personal experiences, for me everything I know is from this, collective, positive and negative. I know too well what it like to be attacked by archons.

My Opinion….It is definitely happening, with out a doubt.
Wednesday 28 October 2015, 21:26:06
Great topic going here neighbors. I see a metaphor the Event is the re conection of the Soul merging with the personality. As we demonstrate , raise our vibration we live as above so below. We are seeking the tools for the Merkaba , we learn the mantras,,and impliment them,,,I see I am the center of my universe and it surely reflects how well I like Me,,,,when I am flyin ,,I see orbs of light,,ships abound,,flashes of light everywhere. A pillar of light we are. I will move through the noise and it will not affect me.
Wednesday 28 October 2015, 23:33:13
I am one with my I am presence I am with the I am presence of all of humanity As I lifted up all of humanity is lifted up I am a
n open door no one can close.
Wednesday 28 October 2015, 23:34:36
Violet Light
I totally agree with you DDA, it is one of my hardest realities I deal with on a daily basis... trying to inform our friends and family isn't as easy as I thought.. I've been labeled a conspiracy theorist and it's been hard to just let go... I take some comfort in knowing that when the "Event" Disclosure happens, there will be "us" and others to help in the digestion of all of this. It's going to be one BIG "Pill" to swallow~ namaste~
Thursday 29 October 2015, 06:03:52
Energy Kool
@Violet - this happens to most of us. Is because we are spread and those close to us to whom we are talking, they see only us telling them the other side of the life. As soon as another one, just another one crosses their life and tells them the same perspective the spark will be lit in them also. and it will be for them the time to start to investigate seriously.

That's why we need to increase our numbers because now we are seen by our closed ones like one loose crazy coocoo. If another unknown one for them will tell them the same they will change side instantly. In Light and Love.
Thursday 29 October 2015, 22:18:10
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