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So glad to have been guided to this place. [...]

Citrus Heights, California
via Prepare For Change
So glad to have been guided to this place. Since asking for guidance to the truth, I have finally found a place I can connect with others of like mind, So now I am ready for the next step towards the change we so deeply need. Let there be light, love, and healing for us all.
[deleted user]
Hello beautiful Light <3
Wednesday 28 October 2015, 21:18:44
Welcome Neighbor
Wednesday 28 October 2015, 22:59:12
[deleted user]
Welcome :)
Thursday 29 October 2015, 05:11:50
Violet Light
thank you for the welcome~ I am looking forward to getting to know everyone here..
Thursday 29 October 2015, 05:15:04
Glad that there are people of a like mind nearby.
Friday 30 October 2015, 00:13:28
Violet Light
Thank you for the welcome Aphrodite~ ;-)
Friday 30 October 2015, 02:37:11
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