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I am launching a new book, it is a blend [...]

Cuenca, Azuay
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I am launching a new book, it is a blend of deep ecology and solutions for the current environmental crisis.

The Silent Ecocide- Now available as a paperback book on Amazon…

The Silent Ecocide - Kindle Version…

..''The Caring Human is in Danger of Extinction'' -Carlita Shaw

The Silent Ecocide- The Environmental Crisis is a Crisis of Human Consciousness

The book "The Silent Ecocide" captures incredibly the truth about human greed, which has made us exceed the planetary boundaries.

The data in the book plus two decades of the writers experience in ecology is a revelation for the ultimate awakening of human consciousness.

The wonders of nature are traded by the corrupt forces of market...mainly the investors....who have no right to it.

Human beings who have the smallest place in coexistence have pretended for too long to be above all. This ego has separated humanity from all forms of lives.

Transformation of human consciousness becomes urgent for the survival of all forms of life and for intergenerational equity.........

Thank you and all the best for this wonderful book of yours. May human beings soon realise their follies before it is too late.

Dr Saamdu Chetri
Executive Director
GNH Centre Bhutan

"Carlita’s devotion to preserving natural landscapes and indigenous cultures is unyielding. It’s rare to see such loving commitment actually embodied in real life; not just in hopeful words, but in resolute actions every day. Thank heavens there are people like Carlita tackling this head on, working on the front lines, speaking the truth."

Neil Kramer, Philosopher & Author
Philosophy For Living
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