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Just heard the USA has bombed an Airfield in Syria [...]

Peterborough, Peterborough
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Just heard the USA has bombed an Airfield in Syria can anyone confirm this ?
It's all part of the plan to create a Greater Israel, which interestingly includes Mecca. What are Jews going to do with the Holy of Holies for Muslims, the Kaaba.
Blow it up? Exactly.
Friday 19 May 2017, 12:44:57
Also the map showing the greater Israel includes half of Saudi Arabia, why would the Saudis help decimate Yemen and hand over half there land ?
Friday 19 May 2017, 14:57:29
Saudi royals don't give a shit about the country and Islam. They are totally fake. Even rumored to be Jews, which I can't confirm
Friday 19 May 2017, 18:51:12
After WW2 the brits invited the arab leaders to send there children to get university education here, when they went back they had a new look (Royalty) and where and or still are puppets to the city of London
Friday 19 May 2017, 19:16:05
Three kinds of Arab (mis)leaders:

The Good --- Assad
the Bad --- Saddam H.
and the Oily --- the Wahabis
Friday 19 May 2017, 19:28:27
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