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i was a flag waving rah rah rah go go [...]

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i was a flag waving rah rah rah go go go Capitalist real estate investor prior to learning about the idea of a world with NO money/currency and NO "ownership" of land by watching Zeitgeist Addendum about 7 years ago. BUT i ALWAYS questioned INEQUALITY.

i am an orphan (adopted as a baby) so our global brothers/sisters that are DYING every 5 seconds from starvation, i always thought how that could have easily been me. Since i do NOT want to die from unnecessary STARVATION, i'm pretty sure that most of the people being FORCED to die from starvation because of this money system do not want to die either.

Because of this i was always trying to figure out how to END global POVERTY. Then around 7 years ago 2 friends each sent me the video Zeitgeist Addendum with the same basic message, this is not for me but you are always talking about helping people, i think you might like it.

Because i respected their opinions i watched the video. The WHOLE time i watched the video i said to myself this is crazy, these people are crazy, how would we pay our bills in a no money world, are my 2 friends pulling my leg here... but i kept watching out of curiosity. Towards the end of the video i started thinking back on my real estate investing and said wait a minute, when i borrow $100,000 from a bank to buy a house, they only give me $100,000. But over 30 years i owe them back $250,000+ (depending on interest rate and if i make additional payments along the way), where does the other $150,000 for the interest come from?

Then it hit me, what they were saying in the video was CORRECT. i would then have to compete with everyone else to TRY and get a part of the money they actually created (out of thin air) and loaned to others in order to TRY and pay back my loan. Even if i paid for 10 years and then could not come up with enough money to make payments the bank could take "my" property from me!!!

i had to ACCEPT right THEN and THERE this whole SYSTEM is nothing but a fake, fraud, lie, scam, con job, wasteful, destructive, free range economic SLAVE control system, FORCED on humanity by THUGS that brainwash, condition, program and indoctrinate us CONSTANTLY to be-LIE-ve their LIES that we need money to live. We DON'T, NEVER did.

i had to realize the money system IS the root CAUSE of the global POVERTY i was looking to end.

So people can laugh at me, call me names all they want, i will NOT stop sharing the TRUTH.
[deleted user]
No one laughing here Michael. Preaching to the converted. Food for thought. No one who learns the truth of what you say ever goes back to ignorance.
Thursday 25 May 2017, 19:56:37
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