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Does anybody else see problems with the push to vaccinate [...]

Regents Park, Queensland
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Does anybody else see problems with the push to vaccinate all people? I used to breed birds and always kept natural birds to strengthen mutations, this is a well documented practice. By tampering with our natural immune responses over a broad population could have a devastating outcome in future generations. Everyone should have the freedom to choose to vaccinate their children or not, and big pharma should not be lobbying parliament for profit growths. We should all be aware of the anti-biotic problem with bacteria mutating to a higher potency because of there over use. What is the plan? To force viruses to mutate to a new plague?
Thank you all for allowing me to vent.
agreed, this may be informative phy,…
Tuesday 1 December 2015, 09:35:45
Personally I am vaccited for the main ones though that was outside my control unless I have been told that I have to for a job etc then I don't beliving that my immune system needs to do its job plus I have heard in some cases it can cause at ustisim
Tuesday 1 December 2015, 13:06:23
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