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My thought for the day. Charity organizations should not be [...]

Regents Park, Queensland
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My thought for the day. Charity organizations should not be tax exempt. In fact they should be taxed at the highest rate if they have a surplus of funds at the end of the financial year. This may seem harsh but if the altruistic entity is taking peoples money to, lets say, feed the poor, every dollar in the fund at the end of the year didn't feed anyone. Add to this the convoluted tax laws opening conduits for rich benefactors to use charities to hide wealth and avoid tax themselves, this system starts to stink of elitism. Check out the Burnie Madoff ponsie scheme that targeted charities because they invested large sums of money for long periods of time. That money would never have been lost if the charity used it for it's intended propose, to help someone less fortunate, than betting it in Wall st. Then there's the board members annual salaries of some well known "charities" I discovered recently in the six figures mark. They are business people sitting on other corporate boards with even bigger salaries, couldn't they afford to sit in these meetings for free and not take the equivalent of tens of thousands of unfortunate peoples nourishment.
True wealth is when no one wants for basic necessities, not numbers in tax free accounts.
Thanks for letting me vent.
I have looked into some of the charities I have donated to for years by direct debit, mainly animal welfare charities and unicef etc,except cancer -never as we all know the cure is already out there, when I looked into wwf God what I found out about who's on the board there is one of the sickest creatures who ever walked on our planet was prince reptile Phillip the queens peodophile husband and killer of wild /all animals extreme! WTF , but you are correct phy, they should come clean and give all who do donate a breakdown each year to their sponsors explaining exactly where the donations have gone
Wednesday 2 December 2015, 11:06:22
I give only to street beggars, animal charities
and the LATH group,
Wednesday 2 December 2015, 11:42:43
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