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Does anyone else find it hard to find a field [...]

Bordeaux, Aquitaine-Limousin-Poitou-Charentes
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Does anyone else find it hard to find a field of work, or simply getting a job that is paying descently, without feeling that we're participating indirectly to the problem?

I find that as your value system evolves and gets more aligned with the light, the more crazy everyone's action around you seems! For example, if you're selling stuff that's designed to soon be replaced (e.i. almost everything nowadays) you're not helping the environment... If you're part of any institution (government, education, etc.) you're helping maintain the status quo and lets not talk about being a cop or serving the army!

I really find it hard lately, since I've been looking for work. (I have two kids to feed) and I'm feeling this polarity or contradiction between the necessity to work and doing what's right, is getting stronger day by day. Tough choices ahead I guess, but this is part of any transformation process I believe... Any thoughts you'd wanna share on this broad subject?
Rosa de Vénus
Remember, between the transition of a state to other there is a gap. The wisest solutions are: 1) Never fight against system. Is useless and will create damages to your life. 2) The resources available are very few, although nobody can't forbidden to you create your own self sustainability in parallel with the matrix. 3) Start to join with the self sustainable communities as a contributor. Nothing appears from nothing, things need too be created from somewhere. We here are the agents that will bring this change because We Are the Creators of the New Earth. Be strong and confident, you are a Light! <3
Friday 4 December 2015, 16:44:52
Thank you very much for your wise words Rosa!
Friday 4 December 2015, 17:03:15
Energy Kool
@DDA - I subscribe fully to what Rosa said. Very good advices. If the system is not alowing you to be part of it is probably because you are doing something right Keep the Light up. <3
Friday 4 December 2015, 18:04:18
Yes, best bet is through people as a lot of the online job openings are fake. Counter culture is an alternative too. People help each other more. France is also great with paid trainings online while you wait for the changeover. Free ones also at MIT that are phenomenal. Start your own business/website with free subventions? Start a mirror site with alternative news? Please know that you are not alone. The amazing thing is that we survive and can/will thrive! Great opportunity to have quality time with the loved ones. Bonne chance mon ami!
Friday 4 December 2015, 18:46:14
yes man , you are totaly right , they want robots , not humans
Friday 4 December 2015, 19:05:39
Disclosure and the Event is not only our desire and hope, but with the Financial Reset it is truly what we require and deserve. The time has come for our Unity in the Light and the equality of our being.
Friday 4 December 2015, 19:50:34
Thanks everyone for your input! I agree that fighting the system is not a solution and although it can be hard at times to find motivation in a "system job", I know deep down that our main purpose is to "hold the frequency", so to speak, and our influence on others can be helpful and participate in helping them see the system for what it really is. I'd like to believe the next few months or years is the last stretch but without falling in the trap of thinking the Event is the one and only solution, we still need to be courageous and will need to participate, with great efforts, to build this new reality. Again, it's great to see that we're not alone! I sincerely apprecitate your input! Love to all.
Saturday 5 December 2015, 09:54:32
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