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Can anyone recommend good websites/books on natural healing/prevention? I'm also [...]

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Can anyone recommend good websites/books on natural healing/prevention? I'm also looking for good source of information re fixing pineal gland
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There are a couple that come to mind right off the top of my head, although not specifically related to the pineal gland. One of the most extensive researchers into what makes for a healthy body has been Max Gerson and his daughter Charlotte Gerson. search for "Gerson Therapy". I've also found "Ayurveda, The Science of Self Healing" by Dr. Vasant Lad a great little guide written for Westerners, and very practical. ISBN 81-208-1839-3 Excerpt available on Google Books
Thursday 10 December 2015, 03:24:05
Thursday 10 December 2015, 18:12:42
Saturday 12 December 2015, 13:50:02
The title is a bit of a warning I guess. Care needs to be taken when detoxing.
Saturday 12 December 2015, 13:55:03
[deleted user]
Yes, randomly detoxing in today's world could get you dead. If you are carrying a heavy load of environmental pollutants in your body, and face it, most of us are, you could overload your liver and cause injury or death. Even something as simple as drinking too much fresh vegetable juice can harm you!! Why? Juice will be taken in by the cells of your body, and gladly exchanged for the toxins they carry. This will dump into your liver and can overwhelm it if you're very toxic and drink A LOT of juice. Now, go and take a detox herb, which can be more efficient than juice, and you're in real trouble. BE SMART, and use common sense when attempting these things, or you can make yourself worse off. Start slow, cleanse your liver first, before you start a detox, then continue to do so as you detox.
Saturday 12 December 2015, 16:00:43
Very wise words
Saturday 12 December 2015, 16:03:22
I recommend a book called "Outsmart your Cancer" by Tanya Harter Pierce. It is very informative, giving effective cures for not only cancer but other degenerative diseases.
Sunday 13 December 2015, 11:01:41
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