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My son took the call from British Gas to install [...]

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My son took the call from British Gas to install a meter here...dumbass said "yep,whatever"...just phoned them to cancel the installation and the guy said"No problem at all,we`ll cross you off the list!"
Steps back in amazement,I was expecting to fight my corner but noo problem
Well done Bob , last guy who read my meter had worries about the security on new ones !!
Thursday 17 December 2015, 16:22:03
We just gotta remember to tell people to say "NO" when they offer "so kindly" to install one for free so you can start "saving" electricity and have more control on your energy use...LOL...people don`t like to say no,`bout time they started enjoying it
Thursday 17 December 2015, 16:37:01
Maybe when they get tough on having them it might be worth waving health and safety card .
Thursday 17 December 2015, 16:41:11
Totally agree Mark,if I remember correctly they want them installed across the country by 2020...that`s not long,mind you ,the way things are going I`ll be generating my own by rubbing my hands together in front of the fire with a lightbu
lb stuffed where the Sun don`t shine
Thursday 17 December 2015, 16:49:22
Guzzibob - do you have an electrical Smart Meter? If so don't do any stuffing - you will be absorbed by the Borg My propane gas company here in British Columbia Canada loves me soooo much they have offered me a Smart Tank - I'm sure that the next move will be to insist that I take one - I feel so cared for - here in the Matrix
Thursday 17 December 2015, 18:39:33
Borg my ass! ...a Smart Tank,nice,when you score enough "naughty" points it turns into a Smart Bomb.....
gotta love the Matrix
Thursday 17 December 2015, 22:51:39
A little something to print,laminate and put up in areas of high foot traffic in your parks...use your imagination but at least give people a chance to think about Smart Meters and do some research before they fall for the corporate hype that goes with the letter they receive telling them how lucky they are to be having one installed…
Friday 18 December 2015, 01:27:48
Template for Non-Consent and Removal…
Thursday 14 January 2016, 11:49:41
Great site for freedom lovers…
Thursday 14 January 2016, 11:51:33
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