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Though I may be speaking to the converted truth [...]

Waratah West, New South Wales
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Though I may be speaking to the converted truth seeker here, I have stumbled across one of the best explanations of the Common Law, and how to use it to afflict frustration and heartache upon the current psycho political and legal system. I am posting a link to an interview with David Shayler from the UK who as I understand it is an MI5 whistleblower, and here in this interview with Richie Allen he gives an indepth insight into common law, the maxims of law and how even the current Babylonian system of governance that has been adopted by the worlds major countries have to abide by some of this stuff. He addresses also the fact that there is contention among the truth movement as to whether common law principles actually work or not, You will be interested in listening to this bloke. NB: Please note, I have not researched David Shayler or his story, nor have I yet visited his website, Book of the

Here is the link to both the interview and his website

Craig DG
Thank you
Monday 21 December 2015, 04:33:42
It's all civil court as all legal action is through the corporate entity- even murder is a 'criminal offense' (ever know anyone offended to death?) so that the STATE is in charge instead of the individual. Contract fraud is the best befuddler, I have an open case because they don't know what to do with me and my corporate entity, especially after I proclaimed myself owner and administrator of that entity, on record, in court. I use it to access the Cesta Que Trust but otherwise stay away from their courts as they have nothing to do with justice.
Monday 21 December 2015, 12:21:03
amanda the lawyer........jep..............thats it. ha ha ha
Monday 21 December 2015, 19:47:07
I'm not really a unicorn I'm just a Munkey !!!
Tuesday 22 December 2015, 20:03:12
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