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What a great project. I am very grateful for being [...]

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What a great project. I am very grateful for being here and hope to help in any way I can. I think Max has a very good understanding of the issues we face as humanity. I don't think there is a single solution, a magic pill. But after a long time of truth seeking, within and out, I have found the core issue to be Sovereignty. Not just of each human being but of the Earth itself. So I wonder what you all think of the Gaia Theory (the Earth as a living sovereign being) and the idea that all forms of external authority (ie government) are fundamentally false?
Emily A
Sounds about right to me.
Tuesday 22 December 2015, 23:07:04
Tuesday 22 December 2015, 23:30:44
Wednesday 23 December 2015, 01:05:19
Universal Citizen
good words, great truths.
Wednesday 23 December 2015, 01:27:27
Universal Citizen
thanks for sharing
Wednesday 23 December 2015, 01:27:37
your welcome :)
Wednesday 23 December 2015, 01:43:47
Thanks for the link Monkey. My connection is limited atm but I will watch it later.
Wednesday 23 December 2015, 02:47:25
Wednesday 23 December 2015, 02:48:46
[deleted user]
I think that there is a single solution, we all need to grow up..........not physically, but mentally. We treat the earth as though we own it...........we take from the earth and give ourselves permission to do so by exchanging pieces of paper...................which is just bizarre when you dwell on that notion for long enough. The earth (Gaia) has a heartbeat: we know it as Schumann resonance, it also bleeds: we know it as oil.
Wednesday 23 December 2015, 03:26:17
I remember a biologist say that the formation of the Earth over time, especially with considering the biosphere, seems to resemble embryo genesis. Perhaps this period of time and the great shifting of consciousness of humanity is her growing to a new stage of life.
Wednesday 23 December 2015, 03:34:42
[deleted user]
Did the biologist also speculate about what this new stage of life would be?
Wednesday 23 December 2015, 03:45:29
He only mentioned Earth's similarly to embryo genesis.. I think we are very early in Earth's development as a being. Perhaps still attempting to differentiate into organs. It seems like humanity represents the higher brain and neural connections. But we are still acting as

Wednesday 23 December 2015, 03:54:45
Separate beings, without the conscious integration and identification as part of Earth. Some even go so far as saying we don't need Earth (transhumanists).. That path may last for a short time but it is definitely unsustainable in the long term.
Wednesday 23 December 2015, 03:57:25
[deleted user]
An interesting thought. An 'idea' of mine is that a proper dose of natural psychedelics allows humans to connect with the earth-consciousness, albeit temporarily. Human consciousness is limited to around 80 years, whereas the earth / Gaia consciousness continues to develop, unlimited by 'death'. Mycelium is similar to a neural network that connects living nodes toether...........which reminds me of this:
Wednesday 23 December 2015, 04:24:25
I agree. There are very simple solutions to alot of it though if we can see things for what they are.
Wednesday 23 December 2015, 04:57:19
Definitely Maranatha. That's the key. When we realize the truth the solutions become apparent.
Thursday 24 December 2015, 17:58:59
Great points DI I am glad you brought up Avatar. It is the best example of our positive potential though it is biased towards the natural & spiritual. I agree with you about psychedelics to a degree. It is obvious to me that we co-evolved with these plants and that they serve an important role in our development. However I agree with many indigenous shamans that it should be used respectfully.
Thursday 24 December 2015, 18:35:53
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