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Rise like Lions!!! [...]

Darlington, Darlington
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Rise like Lions!!!
Friday 25 December 2015, 20:44:09
Well, I trust Ken ...donation made and I hope the campaign hits its target ...there are plenty of
worse places to give your slave paper
Friday 25 December 2015, 21:57:10
The ‘world citizen solutions’ team just posted:
For those of you who would like more information on what we are proposing and the strategy involved, a note from Ken…

"What can be said about the strategy has been said quite clearly, we are going to employ a method of lawfully, peacefully removing ourselves from the obligation to fund war. The details of the strategy will not be released however, unless I am harmed or killed or have an “accident" or we get the funding, so only the crux of the strategy can be released now, and this is done for valid strategic reasons. I fully accept that some will not donate because of this limited information, but it does not change the fact that it is the wisest path for us to take. Put it this way, does a warrior advertise the method of his attack before he attacks? The answer to that question reveals why we cannot wisely release the details of the strategy before we have the resources to initiate the mission and critically, to defend it. People who respectfully acknowledge this wisdom of this decision I respect wholeheartedly. People who DEMAND to know the details right now, when it would be incredibly stupid for us to do so, that I have no respect for.

The bottom line is we do not start this mission without the money or me getting hurt or killed, the latter being particularly unfortunate for me so let us just get the money. TJP"
Saturday 26 December 2015, 14:08:35
Sunday 27 December 2015, 01:43:25
John & Debbie
Excellent guys great work! Thanks Guzzibob for posting the note from Ken, the fella is super passionate and courageous. One things for certain, we all need to give it everything we've got to try and truly stop the chaos and suffering in this reality, its incomprehensible to us at this point.
Sunday 27 December 2015, 17:27:32
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