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and i have to say this also............. many here are talking [...]

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and i have to say this also.............
many here are talking about mony like somnething that have to be changed in some way. that is wonderfull. you know..........mony is bad.....look banks.......look bankers.......look federal reserve.........but you will not be on this forum if you will not pay your bill for internet. mat and a crew of this forum would not colect mony thrue donations........if he dont need mony.
so please folks..........
understand one fact........
nothing is about monny.......
its all what you will do with monny..........
he is just one of ours creations which carrys energy which is given to it by us in a way we use it. each of that singel papers or coins are energy recivers and transmiters.......BUT HEY FOLKS........YOU CANT BELIVED......EVERYTHING IS THAT.
SO..........will you go in shoping mall and buy tons of stuf which you will throw away when some self caled celebrity which song themes invented boredom put some new dypers on it.......
or you will spend mony on camping trip with your friends in some deep forest. joy in meditation, sleeping, dreaming, laughing........
that mony paper will be inprint with that energy which comes from your intent in that moment. and when someon else take it.......he will feel it in s many ways.........BUT PEOPLE DONT GET IT.......SO THEY DONT FEEL ANYTHING.
a standard view of mony is.......bigger pile biger happines. but that is way in most cases thous are complete unaware people of anything around them. and the jock is........they can move world from poverty and famine during one night.
Money simplifies the barter procedure. Great as a tool. crap as an aim or excuse.
Saturday 26 December 2015, 10:53:40
yes amanda. but thous who put it to use..........they know exactly what he REALLY IS AND WHAT IS HIS MAIN PURPOSE with enteties which doesnt have a clue who they are and what this place is. THAT IS THE MAIN REASON WAY IS IN USE. for energy consumtion. EVERYTHING IS ABOUT ENERGY. and when you are in stat when you dont know are pece of cake for thous who knows that amanda. but on the other hand they can becam your greatest teachers if you acknoledge their game. see........ITS ALL ABOUT UNDERSTANDING OF INDIVIDUAL AND HIS ACTIONS WICH HE WILL PRODUCE.
Saturday 26 December 2015, 14:08:09
I remember reading about how the natives of Australia were only interested in trading for food and useful things and that the Europeans were not able to trade their beads and junk in exchange for food. I always thought there was an important lesson there!
Sunday 27 December 2015, 00:10:35
yes.............because food is almoust all water. and they knew it. and they knew it that by eathing specificly grow food with purest destiled wather in it will make that food full of energy............and energy meand alway new energy you will harvest more information will come to you and the focus of yours will be in line with that enegy ratio that you come upon. THEY KNEW IT. THAT WATER IS SACRED. THE FOOD IS SACRED. because is also wather. but they also knew it that ther is wather in their bodys whic is in direct corelation with them and which knows everything not just about that one manifestation. wather that knows all about all their ancestors whis proceded to them and all about everyone around them. and they also knew if whole tribe clime on your red rock in that shape of awarnes wher you know how to maniputate with energys and you are aware of your interconectivity with everything.........lesser then opening a space or vacum portal to some other dimansion and going to visit things which that other dimension has to offer...........I THINK THEY WERE AWERE OF MUCH MUCH MORE POSSIBILITIES FROM THAT ONE AND HOW TO USE VORTICIES IN NATURE. your red rock is one of them. your own body is second one. but all that IS NEWER STOP TO HAPPENING. your dreams are visitings to other realitys. thous are dreams. but we forgot that. like we forgot to dream. ha ha. because we are always in hurry. for more mony. for more stuff. for credibility with our autorities........mothers, fathers, boses..........but all that knowledge and MANIFESTATION OF IT IS ALWAYS HERE. IN EACH OF US. BUT WE DONT SEE IT. FOR NOW. in same way 100 trilions of molecules in your body and 100 trilions of cells in each molecul are doing the most precisly work and cordination betwene each other so that i can now typ this........and non of this functions im aware of. BUT THEY ARE HERE. and they are doing that becase THEY ARE ME. we are rushing thru our lifes and no almoust no one understand that that is an ilusion with no lenght, with no time, with no knoledge exept that which we invent. WE ARE INVENTORS MY FRIEND. pure inventors. you dont have to do anything at all, learn anything at all, belive in anything at all, read anything at all.............TO BE THAT. ha ha
Sunday 27 December 2015, 09:04:43
So money sucks... but we are stuck with it for now...
Sunday 27 December 2015, 16:26:05
no mony dont sucks at all. but how you will usit.........that is all that maters.......not just with mony.......with everything. because depending of using and purous the same will be encoded frequency in energy field and that same frequency processed to all others energy fields. THAT IS THE IMENSE RESPONSABILITY ONCE YOU UNDERSTAND THAT. in the end is so easy. because its simple fornula abou which is spoken from forewer. and it says.......WHAT YOU GIVE YOU WILL HAVE. now.....try to imagine society which is completly aware of that TRUE.........what reality will they create? you know icy cream with all litle ice beads from all flawors there are to chouse.........and is hot day.....and you are rushing to finish that litle montain of ice that feeling on n on infinity
Sunday 27 December 2015, 19:24:45
Mmmm icy cream.
Sunday 27 December 2015, 22:21:17
I need to start putting my money into things more worthwhile.
Sunday 27 December 2015, 22:21:51
there is train that can be checked and boarded only without baggage whatsoever, thus many are frustrated because of their clothes and accessories. it is not rule, that s just how things work
Thursday 31 December 2015, 10:33:06
quite right so.........very well.......that that kind of train is waithing for me.......very well possible.......ha ha. maks is back from the future like marty mcfly. ha ha
Thursday 31 December 2015, 11:25:39
I agree, money carries the energy that we give it!
Tuesday 6 September 2016, 21:02:49
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