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The Story of Ubuntu 'At the Festival of Peace, in [...]

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The Story of Ubuntu

'At the Festival of Peace, in Florianopolis, South Brazil, the journalist and philosopher Lia Diskin related a beautiful and touching story of a tribe in Africa she called Ubuntu

She explained how an anthropologist had been studying the habits and customs of this tribe, and when he finished his work, had to wait for transportation that would take him to the airport to return home. He'd always been surrounded by the children of the tribe, so to help pass the time before he left, he proposed a game for the children to play.

He'd bought lots of candy and sweets in the city, so he put everything in a basket with a beautiful ribbon attached. He placed it under a solitary tree, and then he called the kids together. He drew a line on the ground and explained that they should wait behind the line for his signal. And that when he said "Go!" they should rush over to the basket, and the first to arrive there would win all the candies.

When he said "Go!" they all unexpectedly held each other's hands and ran off towards the tree as a group. Once there, they simply shared the candy with each other and happily ate it.

The anthropologist was very surprised. He asked them why they had all gone together, especially if the first one to arrive at the tree could have won everything in the basket - all the sweets.

A young girl simply replied: "How can one of us be happy if all the others are sad?"

The anthropologist was dumbfounded! For months and months he'd been studying the tribe, yet it was only now that he really understood their true essence...'…
Here's the link to Ubuntu Party Canada. "The registration process in Canada has been halted". Click the link below for full documentation." If you check out the link at the bottom you will see that the registration process has been halted. Know why? Because that group was successfully infiltrated by paid shills and false identities whose intention was to disrupt. Michael Tellinger (like Zen and Max) had a great system to promote. Unfortunately, Tellinger was not skilled in a defense against the global cabals sophisticated internet destruction systems.
Friday 1 January 2016, 18:20:06
YES It is just that simple!! Competition has been ingraved into us very early, if we stop competing against each other and start helping each other we are one strong team, nobody needs to be scared, if nobody is scared we are very hard to control!!! Do you see why we have all the different sports and different teams cometition, competition, competition. To have one winner you must have lots of loosers!! I think the solutions are very simple we are made to think that they are complicated!! thanks for this ConsciousMan!

Friday 1 January 2016, 18:21:28
completly true robi. all of it
Friday 1 January 2016, 19:07:58
Universal Citizen
wow I love this story. This shows the true nature of humans. <3
Friday 1 January 2016, 20:43:12
Universal Citizen
Thanks for sharing ConsciousMan :)
Friday 1 January 2016, 20:44:45
You are all very welcome. I agree Robi. The solutions are simple. It's the issues that are complicated. I remember Max saying in a radio show that all we really need to do is what feels right and good. I personally believe that we can live a life of joy and happiness while doing good for ourselves and each other.
Friday 1 January 2016, 22:44:40
Great story. Thanks for sharing that. Right on brother, living for the good of all is the way to go!
Sunday 10 January 2016, 23:20:06
Diana K
Love love love that story. I have heard it before and it makes me cry every time. I try hard to teach my own children to live that way, but it is such a challenge in our world.
Friday 22 January 2016, 18:09:40
Friday 22 January 2016, 18:09:42
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