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one of my favorite book called "a street cat named [...]

London, Greater London
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one of my favorite book called "a street cat named bob" i'm sorry if i sound like promoting the book.....…
I was just thinking of this thing we tend to do when seeing other people.. You know how we go up to a cashier and we have a small chat. But that seems strange to do with anyone randomly. As if we need some kind of excuse to interact with others. Pets tend to break 'the ice' as well. Thanks for the recommendation.
Friday 1 January 2016, 23:18:10
It also reminds me of how people in the country tend to wave and at least acknowledge everyone they pass on the road. And how it feels hiking in a remote area and seeing another person. What stops us? Maybe fear of rejection.
Friday 1 January 2016, 23:24:54
[deleted user]
Thank you naoko, enjoyed this.
Saturday 2 January 2016, 04:24:17
not at all! i'm glad that you both like it.
Saturday 2 January 2016, 07:03:51
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