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Bregi, Primorsko-goranska županija
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i saw this post on zengardner. its far strech out.......but i dont know way it puled my atention. and also know that zen will not place something complete irrelevant. or maybe its first one with that conotation. im not sure......on one part is very interesting because the interviewed guy says almoust all to my conclusions wright things about nasa. but i share with heard your coments
Friday 1 January 2016, 20:24:25
Carlo A
Though this may not fit for you, IF this flat earth WAS the reality, then the way to reach people would be by building up to it rather than leading with it. As it is, and it appears that it fits in with the agenda of the very few to ask us to believe something else that is obviously not true. And we are constantly bombarded with messages that have us conflicted as we beleive them or partially believe them. Whatever the truth about flat or globular Earth, the challenge now facing us is to heal the inner split and drop the preoccupation with attempting to explain that which is of the apparently external world.
Friday 1 January 2016, 21:57:11
Friday 1 January 2016, 21:57:12
well you have the point. but what i have found out ther is no such a thing like world from outside and from inside. i have red endless amounts of book.........and always i was founding the same denominator. which is telling me......firstly that im not picked that particulary book with no reason. completly contrary from that.........and also what i found.........that all of that litle bunch of people was so so so happy about them self that they beter terms........understoed that everything is interconected. so when something pulls my intention......even if i later understand for my self that that is not my way.......i will still plunder in it. because i aso find out......that below any kind of fasads is enormity of information that will guid you to complete difrent places then the place wher you start. but i completly agree with you........that it doesnt mater if its flat or baloon or an elephant...........but i also know that guy on it will not be on it with out it. so..........intuition is my guide. because i saw that that is something extremly powerfull and corect completly. i already see.......that we will have interesting talks here........
Friday 1 January 2016, 22:08:13
Carlo A
Some see what they want to see, some see what is in front of them. We find clarity when we are ready to find clarity. We embrace the old and worn out until we are fed up with that strategy. You are insightful. It is a gift to yourself and to collective consciousness that you choose to explore and be.
Saturday 2 January 2016, 01:06:40
I find that being thankful for things in my life and always speaking out loud about this thankfulness.... so much more is added to be thankful for!!
Tuesday 6 September 2016, 20:56:42
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