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Thanks for inviting me in the circle Wakinyan. I [...]

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Thanks for inviting me in the circle Wakinyan. I liked your post, I think in this forum we should go beyond normal political discourse so here is what I'm about:

I feel that this is a time for a new political organization. Not one of NGOs, non-profits feeding off the tit of the government or corporate special interests. We need citizens to stand up and say "no more" with one voice. And when I look back on history and think of the possible alternatives I realize there is no choice. I'm done arguing with sheeple, worrying about what people might think about my political incorrectness, or winding up on some government list of terrorists or agitators. So here are 10 points which I believe are very relevant to what our country is going through right now.

1) No meaningful political change has ever been achieved without violence. Even peaceful movements such as the ones led by Jesus and Gandhi were rife with violence. The government knows this very well which is why it has usurped the right to use violence against The People and is actively working to remove The People's ability to use violence against it. This statement should not be construed to mean that I am, or that I am not, advocating violence. I'm merely pointing to historical facts and reasonable conclusions.

2) The 2nd Amendment has been infringed many times over. The 2nd Amendment is not about hunting, it's not about economic freedom, it's not about self-protection, and its not about forming an army. The 2nd Amendment has one purpose and one purpose only! It is to ensure that if/when our government becomes tyrannical, individual citizens have the capability of using weapons to fight back. Therefore, anyone infringing this right or enforcing illegitimate laws that infringe on this right have declared themselves ENEMIES OF THE PEOPLE and in doing so are provoking The People into a violent and unnecessary confrontation.

3) In order to live in a state of Liberty one must learn to mind one's own business. The 2 party system in America is a false dialectic intended to divide and conquer the people and relies on inflaming one group against another by playing on their personally held opinions, ethics, morals, proclivities, and biases. It's an unfortunate trait in humans to feel a sense of belonging in demonizing another person, group, or way of life. Who one sleeps with, what one chooses to put into, or not put into, their bodies, how one prays and to which god they pray, who one despises, who one loves, and how one speaks about another person, group, or political issue is no business of the public or the government (see the 1st Amendment). Learning to mind your own God damned business is the foremost way of protecting your own liberty. The world can be a big scary place, it always has been and always will be. Grow up and learn to accept it and you will never have to be confronted by the false dilemma of choosing between your safety and your freedom.

4) Regardless of the rantings of old men in blue suits and red ties, we are not the greatest nation on earth and probably never were. But I love what our country was created to stand for, albeit we have fallen far short of achieving those goals. You and I are slaves, we are not free. If you don't believe me try not paying your "voluntary" taxes. Try criticizing an politician to his or her face. Try protesting the tyranny of our government on a public sidewalk outside of a "public" building. The jingoist mantras we have been taught to bleat, lest we be culled from the heard, are there to blind us from a truth that we MUST accept. We are slaves on a massive corporate plantation and are kept in line by a government which is itself a corporation and you are one of it's assets. There can be no cure without first recognizing the disease.

5) The enemy we are fighting is Fascism, not Communism. This is not just splitting hairs. Both are a forms of socialism but they work very differently from each other and if you can't recognize your enemy, you can not fight. Case in point: Obamacare. Too often I have heard many intelligent well-meaning people call this unconstitutional monstrosity "communist." But as Mussolini pointed out, Fascism is the merger of corporate and state power and should more correctly be called Corporatism. Who wrote the Bill? Insurance companies. Who benefits from the bill? Insurance companies and the government. Who is bailed out if Obamacare doesn't work? Insurance companies. What happened to the core of the Bill, the single payer option which would make insurance companies compete with government? Taken out of the Bill just before it was passed. Communist? Absolutely not. It's Fascism on stilts.

6) There is no such thing as a "Terrorist" and we need to stop giving power to this word. The working definition of this term used by the FBI, CIA, DHS, Pentagon, White house, and all other bureaucracies can be summed up as: A group or individual using violence or the threat of violence to promote or impose a political agenda. Of course there is an unwritten caveat to this definition which is "unless the violence or threat there of is done by the government." So in essence, every armed branch of government, the military, the executive branch, the local police and Sheriff, anyone who has a correct understanding of the 1st and 2nd Amendments, and the Founding Fathers themselves are all terrorists or terrorist organizations. And if everyone is a terrorist, ipso facto, no one is a terrorist. When did Americans become such a pathetic group of cowards?

7) The attacks on 9/11 were carried out by factions inside the US government, Saudi Arabia, and Israel. Two words, building seven. But feel free to read the millions of other words proving beyond any shadow of a doubt that this is fact and if you are too stupid not to realize this fact I feel sorry for you but have no use for you. And for the information of the 200+ million Evangelicals in the US who rabidly defend the crimes of Israel, Americans are no strangers to attacks on us by the rouge Israeli government. This is not antisemitism, it is fact. If you love Israel more than America I respect your decision. So please go to Israel and stop pretending to be an American citizen and we will both be much happier.

Religion is a political order. As Americans we are endowed with the inalienable right to worship whomever and however we choose. But we also understand this comes with a responsibility to keep church and state separate. This is not just the responsibility of government, it's the responsibility of every citizen to check themselves when making decisions that will effect others such as voting, support for legislation, or public movements and organizations. Remember the part about minding your business? Any action taken to violate this duty will create a power that will eventually be used against any and all religious groups.

9) Taking back what was stolen is not "redistribution," it is justice. Too many Fascist mouthpieces in our mobster-run government love to label anyone a Communist who would return the wealth stolen by corporations back to the American people. Whether by legalized gambling (see: the repeal of Glass-Steagall), massive institutionalized fraud (see: LIBOR), or legislated theft by our inside-trading Congress of gangsters, there has been a redistribution of wealth but when Wall street does it, it's not called Communism, it's called "the business cycle." Get your money out of the banks.

10) Those who would say "this is my country, right or wrong" have no concept of what their country is. I am the country, you are the country, the land, our culture, our laws and our traditions are the country. Government is not and has never been "good" for anyone. Government is nothing more than the failure of people to get along with each other, negotiate in good faith with each other, be tolerant of each other, and mind our own God damned business whenever possible. Government is the result of human failings and as such can never be good. So when you see Obama, or Hillary, or Trump or any other demagogue blowing sunshine up your skirt about how much better things will be when they are in control of government they are declaring themselves liars and your enemy.

These are just the basics that I believe anyone who wants to consider themselves an American citizen should eat sleep and breath. If you want to argue save your time. I'm looking for intelligent brave Americans.
You are welcome Glen. Thank you for accepting the invitation. I agree that our circle forum should go beyond the normal political discourse. I also agree that we need to pursue a different form of organizing, you described it nicely above, and I would only add that the key in my mind is to do the exact opposite of the corporate model we are all familiar with.
I generally agree with all 10 of your points, I see a few places for discussion and debate, such as your focus on the 2nd amendment. I see this as lower on the threatened rights list, and would spend more time focusing on the fact that the first 10 amendments apply to the People class in law, while all other amendments apply to the class of Person in law. So are you a Person with civil rights granted by the government, or are you a People with natural rights granted by the creator…one cannot be in both classes at the same time. In other words, I propose that we have lost so many rights because as Person’s we never had access to them. In essence we allowed the government to turn us into the created, rather than the creator class held by the People. If the People created the government, then they grant rights to the government. But, if the law created the Person then the government is granting rights to the Person or citizen. In essence I am pro 2nd amendment but only because I am pro the first 10 amendments, which I am pro because they apply to People. The solution in my mind will come from rewriting the contract we the people make to create a government…tear down and rebuild.
Your statements about minding your own business is a testimony on individual sovereignty and I agree. Again my caveat is that we as a community cannot engage in willful blindness to the suffering of others, and this is the dangerous extreme of “minding your own business”.
Point number 4 touches on the legal fiction of personhood that I discussed briefly in the context of the law. We are indeed slaves to the corporate plantation; this was accomplished by turning us from legal people into legal persons. I have studied this topic in depth, and traced it to the incorporation of the Government in about 1871. At least that’s when it was made official; the plot existed from day one.

You made a great point about single payer healthcare vs Obamacare. A corporate sell out bill, focused not on the health of the people but rather on the health of corporate profit levels. Fascism is also historically what rises from the ashes of fallen empires…which we are about to be.

I could not agree more with your statement on Israel and your statement that taking back what was stolen is not redistribution, it is justice.
Thank you for the post, it was thought provoking, and engaging.

Sunday 3 January 2016, 02:50:00
Leap Frog
Glen, I agree with all that you have said. The problem is their just aren't enough ppl who agree at this moment in time as they are in a deep slumber. I am here for anyone that needs help organizing anything, I think that is what we citizens, we humans, need to do it really start something tangible. I think a lot of ppl are afraid to act out against govt. After all we are being monitored in every way. Every morning I wake up and search for ways I can help, And every evening I fall back into a kind of despair and wonder how we let things get this bad.
Monday 11 January 2016, 20:34:11
Leap Frog
I am here for you Glen, if you need anything at all let me know. I am not afraid, but mind you I am feeling powerless right now as to what action to take. However I will do anything I can to help when you begin to formulate plans.
Monday 11 January 2016, 20:35:46
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