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I am experiencing unprecedented personal growth. I know that [...]


Truth or Consequences, New Mexico
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I am experiencing unprecedented personal growth. I know that I am part of the same process that is happening all over the planet. This, I believe and have been shown, is the School of Duality! Good and Evil are our teachers. I am fascinated with the awful-appearing changes in our world and yet I know that what is happening within is happening without. This is a planet waking up! The majestic vast intelligence of Nature is trusting that the process will be complete. So can I trust. It is a daily practice for me, falling off, wailing, and then remembering. All is well. I would love to share with others who are on this journey. I am so glad to find The Full Circle Project! My brothers and sisters, thank you for welcoming me! Haru
Mark R
Where are you located?
Monday 4 January 2016, 01:57:58
Universal Citizen
so glad that I joined this circle. I have that sort of home feeling here. Namaste Everyone <3
Monday 4 January 2016, 02:03:52
Universal Citizen
same here Trees. I am becoming more and more aware how to be grateful to everything that is. Even those
which I disagree with. I learn not to blame anyone for that. Everything that I experience, I called for it. Consciously or unconsciously. I am learning to guard my thoughts. For my thoughts become my experience.
Monday 4 January 2016, 02:21:57
[deleted user]
Can you teach me how to do that Universal Citizen? Welcome Trees, I didn't think there were any Trees in New Mexico? ;-)
Monday 4 January 2016, 04:31:59
Universal Citizen
By simply choosing to Shamanic Engineering. By choosing to be in my higher thoughts. I should say by being in my best version. Only then can I understand that I have caused everything that occurred, still occuring and will ever occur in my life. In the process I find myself guarding my thoughts. Because what I think I experience.
Monday 4 January 2016, 07:44:53
My 'giant leap' came from a realisation that my Self can not internalise the emotions and intentions of others, regardless of how hard I might try. For the most part, people are not even in control of their own emotional output, opinions or convictions. In that simple act of consciously claiming back those natural privileges, we may find harmony with even the most polarised viewpoints and opinions. As UC said previously, it becomes a daily challenge. The power comes from acceptance of that challenge as a positive, rather than attempting to influence it. Peace always
Monday 4 January 2016, 09:22:34
[deleted user]
Wise words, thank you both, and to you Trees, "a daily practice...falling off, wailing, and then remembering". Nicely said, Oma.
Monday 4 January 2016, 14:25:12
[deleted user]
Welcome trees. Agree with you shamanic eng wise words indeed. Hey Universal I like what your saying I too have reached the stage of appreciating everything more and more everyday. and more aware of the power of manifestation. However I would like to pick you up on your comments on "guarding you thoughts as they become your experience". If your "guarding" your thoughts are you not suppressing them on some level thereby paradoxically more likely to manifest them? Is there another option whereby we can consciously recognize the thoughts we are guarding thereby realizing them and not manifesting
Monday 4 January 2016, 21:00:41
Universal Citizen
I think it depends on how we guard them. When we do it with a feeling of fear then we sort of contradict our true nature which is "freedom." Fearing is doubting.
That very act paves way for the opposite result. But when we do it with love and awareness that we have the power and freedom which is to choose what occurs in our lives, in our reality, it makes the difference.
Monday 4 January 2016, 21:14:08
naoko not sure.... my questions is... aren't we trying to judge if we try to control, guard the thoughts as if your thoughts are better than yours... your feelings are better than....whatever they're....i think the most fundamental problem on humans stems from 'judgement' can we judge if we stand in the middle of mirror room just looking at myself only? i don't know...
Tuesday 5 January 2016, 06:53:29
Universal Citizen
you are choosing/guarding your own thoughts. By simple observation. Observations are not judging. And of course you have no control of others. Just yours. We have so many kinds of freedom but the freedom to judge is not one of them.
Tuesday 5 January 2016, 08:57:06
Universal Citizen
the mirror room was metaphoric.
Tuesday 5 January 2016, 09:11:22
Universal Citizen
Our Oneness is a very deep principle not easily understood by many.
Tuesday 5 January 2016, 09:13:12
Conversely, our Oneness is known by all instinctively. Judgement is a purely learned behaviour. I constantly find my Self unlearning and unthinking, a very silly predicament, but real nonetheless. I have often been told that I 'over-think' everything, I'm sure others can relate. The danger with becoming aware of the corruptions and coercions is in attempting to reconcile convictions we can not recognise nor empathise with.
Tuesday 5 January 2016, 10:26:27
thank you, all for teaching me...thank you.
Wednesday 6 January 2016, 00:52:53
You guys are all wonderful. Thank you for interacting with me! Yes, there are not enough trees in New Mexico. Unfortunately, there was a huge fire at the top of Emory Pass near the Gila wilderness a couple of years ago and another big fire right in the wilderness a year I think before that. The southwest forest is dying.
Saturday 9 January 2016, 01:52:05
You guys are all wonderful. Thank you for interacting with me! Yes, there are not enough trees in New Mexico. Unfortunately, there was a huge fire at the top of Emory Pass near the Gila wilderness a couple of years ago and another big fire right in the wilderness a year I think before that. The southwest forest is dying.

Saturday 9 January 2016, 01:52:06
Oops, sorry...did not mean to post quite yet! Many years ago when I lived in Oregon I met the ancient Pacific Northwest Forest. I was quite active for a number of years in the movement to save them. I wrote songs that I heard in the forest. The vast, elegant intelligence of the forest is so far beyond anything human that we cannot hold the sense of it in our minds. When the forests are gone-- and they are now just shadows-- our children will not know this intelligence. In despair I wondered, over and over again, why does this powerful elegant Being allow itself to be destroyed by puny humans?? Many deep ponderings after despairing for a long time, and it came to me. Surprising as it seemed to me at the time, the only answer that makes sense is this. The Forest and
wild Nature are willing to sacrifice themselves for the growth of human consciousness. I now understand that the Jesus story is a metaphor. Really the entity who is sacrificing herself for us is Nature, that ancient mature wild intelligence that is the Earth. The reason for her choice is because we are one with Her. I can't put better words on that. We are One with her and our waking, our ascension, our maturing into the gods, the divine manifestations of Creator that is the promise of who we are, is important to Her. I believe in the wisdom of her choice. Since then I have taken up the banner-- to GROW. The way to grow is through the Heart. It is so good to find companionship with you all, along this journey that we are all making. Blessings!
Saturday 9 January 2016, 02:03:58
[deleted user]
That is one of the most beautiful and insightful things I've read in a long time Trees, thanks for sharing it. I've lived in Taos, Santa Fe, and Bernalillo, and I've traveled through the Gila wilderness area. Beautiful state, with lots of trees, of course, so sad to hear that they're dying. I think this is a direct result of the chemtrail spraying modifying the soils in unhealthy ways, particularly changing the pH to a more alkaline state. The Pinyon and other Pines as well as Juniper seem to do better in acidic soils. I now live in the east, in the mountains of northeast Tennessee, and we have a similar problem here, many of the conifers and evergreens here are dying, while the deciduous trees are, for the moment, doing fine. This is genocide against our tree kin, and it's very sad to witness. Nice to see so many sensitive / intuitive people showing up here. Welcome!
Sunday 10 January 2016, 00:16:53
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